The incident happened last Thursday at the Welcome to Rockville festival in Daytona Beach. She was performing as the lead singer for Brass Against, a group that performs brass + sax versions of heavy metal songs. Yeah, that’s right: trombones, trumpets, even a sousaphone. To get the idea, imagine Black Sabbath played by a high school marching band.

Many people have called Sophia’s act disgusting, but I just see it as a continuation of a venerable musical tradition. I can remember when Steve and Edie would both piss on the same audience member as their grand finale, and who can forget when Tony Bennett stood on stage and left more than his heart in San Francisco. And of course, in their Vegas days, Sinatra frequently took a shit on Joey Bishop on the main stage at Caesar’s Palace.

Here’s a non-disgusting screen grab of her after the pee, before pulling her pants up.

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It seems that House Democrats are undeterred by this finding. It “is unlikely to stop House Democrats from approving the bill as soon as Thursday evening.”

This may not sound so dramatic, but if they pass it as is, the situation could be disastrous for the Democrats in two ways:

1. The Republicans have yet another reason to accuse Biden of being weak and ineffectual because he promised that this bill would be fully funded. Chop a few more points off that sinking approval rating.

2. The bill can’t pass the Senate in that form because Manchin specifically said he won’t add to the deficit. This means that the negotiations and squabbling will begin all over again, with the Democrats continuing to show the nation’s undecided and independent voters that they are just going to keep jabbering about this bill, and can’t get their act together.

As this independent looks at it, I’m looking at a choice between the party that wants to bring a copy of Balzac to a gunfight, and the party that wants to bring an AK-47 to a book discussion club.

New pics 11/19:

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Romane Bohringer in “l’amour flou”:


Sarah Henoschberg in “Arthur Rambo”:

Marie-Reine Poyteau in “la nourrice”:

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This is a repost. She originally posted this with different verbiage, with the intention of making women aware of the importance of early cancer detection and telling them not to dread colonoscopies. Her typical posts are devoted to rescuing animals. You’d think that people couldn’t possibly find any reason to complain about either of those motivations, but the online world is full of Karens, so her good intentions somehow became controversial.

Let’s face it. If there had been an internet during the wedding feast of Cana, Twitter would have taken a shit on Jesus for promoting alcohol consumption.

Los Angeles will make diners ask for ketchup to go with their fries, in the name of fighting climate change

“The new ordinance will forbid restaurants with 26 or more employees from handing out ketchup and mustard packets without customers requesting them. The ordinance will apply to all restaurants by April 2022.”

I feel cooler already!