Well, sorta.

Wikipedia says, “When Blake Edwards remade the Peter Gunn television series as a feature film entitled ‘Gunn’ in 1967, Jackson was filmed in a nude scene that appeared only in the international version, not the U.S. release. Stills of the nude scene appeared in the August 1967 issue of Playboy magazine, in a pictorial entitled ‘Make Room For Sherry.’ The movie has not yet been released on VHS or DVD.”

It was Playboy that started that story about an alternate version of the film, and I believe the story is apocryphal. I have never seen that version offered for sale or download. I have never seen the actual nude scenes. I have never run into anyone who has seen any nude scenes from that film.

The scenes of Sherry on that bed were absolutely NOT shot on the set of the film. That bed pictured in the stills is a completely different bed from the one in the non-nude version of the film. Furthermore, the scenes of their interaction take place in Peter Gunn’s apartment, and it would make no sense for the Peter Gunn character, a manly private eye, to own a bed that looks like that, especially with pink beddings. (And in the context of the film, Gunn would not be in her bedroom, even if invited.) I am quite certain that the bedroom scene is just a standard pictorial filmed for the hefmag, and was never in any version of the film. To be fair to the bunnymag, the accompanying verbiage does not actually claim that those bedroom shots are from the film, although they seem to have intended people to infer that.

This is very entertaining:

SNL has had many cast members with more talent, but Pete is the first one to attain major rock-star-level cred since Eddie Murphy. He gets to have sex with highly famous, highly beautiful women, and the audience goes crazy when they see him. He’s a phenom. Somehow Pete managed to get John Belushi’s popularity with Jim Belushi’s talent. (Which is fine, because he really seems like a good guy.)


Some observations:

So much for #3 Oregon’s hopes for a playoff spot. They didn’t just lose. They got pulverized by Utah. (I wonder if Utah fans cheer for the “ol’ dark gray and slightly darker gray.”) They were down 28-0 at halftime! The longer the season progressed, the more it seemed that Oregon’s early victory over THE Ohio State University was a fluke.

That means that Cincinnati is likely to move up into the #4 spot in the official playoff rankings, and will probably make the post-season playoff despite their soft schedule. That could mean two Ohio teams in the final four playoff. It will be interesting to see whether Cincinnati can stand up to teams like Georgia, Alabama and Ohio State.

Speaking of THE Ohio State University, that team was up 49-0 at halftime against the 7th-rated team in the country. To be fair, Michigan State should not have been #7. The computer ratings did not place them in the top 20. Ohio State was so dominant in that game that they leapt all the way to #2 in the AP poll.

Almost needless to say, #10 Wake Forest wasn’t really one of the top ten teams in the country. They got their asses handed to them. They pretty much have no defense. In their last seven games:

  • they allowed 34 points against Louisville
  • they allowed 37 points against Syracuse
  • they allowed 56 points against Army
  • they allowed 58 points against UNC
  • they allowed 42 points against NC State
  • they allowed 48 points against Clemson

(In the other game, they did managed to crush Duke, which is winless in the football portion of the conference, but undefeated in basketball. Does Coach K know anything about football? They could use some help in that department.)