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Citation from The Biggest Book of Hockey Trivia, by Don Weekes

This particular picture played an important role in the evolution of Uncle Scoopy’s Fun House. A technician at the TV station that televised the event happened to be a reader, and sent me some screen grabs right after it happened. As the news spread across the internet, more and more people found my site as they searched for Lucy’s wardrobe malfunction. A week before that, I was pulling in maybe 4,000 visitors per day. A week after that, my traffic had jumped to about a quarter of a million per day. Not long after that, I hit my all-time high of 491,000 in a day.

I have to admit that I never could have dreamed in that May of 1997, when I had been doing the site for about 18 months, that I would still be doing it 25 years later. I created the site in November of 1995, so it turned 26 years old this month. (The exact date is no longer remembered or recorded, representing a tragic loss for the written history of mankind on this planet.) Even Other Crap, a newcomer by the standards of my sites, will turn 20 next year!