Carolina Amaral topless in 4K

This is another look at her scene from episode 7 of Gloria. Her breasts look even more spectacular in HD. She may even have Sydney Sweeney beat.

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13 thoughts on “Carolina Amaral topless in 4K

    1. She’s still the gold standard in my book.
      Playmate division: Donna Michelle and Tish Howard, who had very small breasts but was OMG pretty.
      Historical nugget of the day – OMG was first used by the oddly Chinese-looking admiral Sir “Jacky” Fisher during WWI in a letter to one of his buds, Winston Something-or-rather.

    1. When I was an undergrad, many, many guys had that Cynthia Myers centerfold hanging on the wall of their dorm rooms.

  1. They’re nice, but to me Sydney is absolutely #1 right now, and I’m struggling to think of who might beat her in an all-time list. Maybe Daddario and Upton at their peaks?

    1. On an all-time list? Plenty.

      Without even trying very hard there’s Salma Hayek, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Pam Grier, Jayne Mansfield, Ursula Andress, Anita Ekberg, Stella Stevens, Laura Antonelli, Monica Bellucci.

      The other old-timers can probably come up with another dozen or more pretty easily.

        1. Larry : [teaching a creative-writing class] This is a real classic by Mr. Pinsky. It’s entitled “One Hundred Girls I’d Like to Pork.”

          Male Student #1 : “Pork”?

          Mr. Pinsky, Creative Writing Student : It’s a coffee-table book.

          Larry : “One Hundred Girls I’d Like To…” Hmmm. Chapter One: Kathleen Turner. Chapter Two: Cybill Shepherd. Chapter Three: Suzanne Pleshette. Chapter Four: The Girl in the Taco Commercial. Chapter Five: The Woman in 4B. Chapter Six: The Oriental Laker Girl. Chapter Seven… Mr. Pinsky, this is not literature!

          Mr. Pinsky, Creative Writing Student : Well, you know, I would put in photographs, a brief character sketch, like a biography, and a nice dust jacket.

          Larry : Mr. Pinsky, what is this?

          Mr. Pinsky, Creative Writing Student : It’s literature. It’s a fantasy. My fantasy. Like Melville, this is my great white whale.

          Mrs. Hazeltine : It’s whacking material.

          Mr. Pinsky, Creative Writing Student : Isn’t that literature?

          Larry : Mr. Pinsky, how do you associate “Moby Dick” to a list of women you’d like to have sex with?

          Male Student #2 : Well, I think it’s very brave.

          Mrs. Hazeltine : I think he’s vulgar.

          Male Student #3 : That’s what they said about Twain.

          Mrs. Hazeltine : That’s what I’m saying about him.

          Male Student #3 : I think you’re vulgar.

          Mrs. Hazeltine : I think you’re a no-talent little shit.

          Mr. Pinsky, Creative Writing Student : Maybe I should change the title.

          Male Student #2 : I like the title!

          Larry : [bell rings] OK, I’ll see you Wednesday, class. Good work today. Remember, a writer writes, always.

          1. I had something like this in my advanced Junior High School. Our English teacher started every class with a five minute ‘private journal writing session.’

            He would play music during the session and it often turned out to be more like 10 minutes, so, not surprisingly a number of people in the class preferred to talk to each other rather than write, after all, the music could obscure their talking. After a while he cottoned on, so his solution was to randomly ask students roughly how many words they wrote, and to do the odd spot check.

            So, in order to talk at the same time, one student just started writing “it” over and over again in the journal and other students starting doing that as well.

            After awhile the teacher happened to catch the originator of this with one of the spot check. So, he told the student as punishment, you have to write a story for class tomorrow, and, to make sure you actually write it, I’m going to read it out in class the next day for everybody.”

            So, we get to class and he starts reading “She was really stacked in her skimpy two piece bikini.” Then he stops and skims over the rest and says “I’m not reading this.”

      1. Among the latter examples you recited, only Kathleen Turner wasn’t especially known for her tits being big & droopy. I’ve never been hugely a fan of Playboy’s ideal of bulbous boobs—our All-American, Hubba, Hubba tradition. Nonetheless, my bar chart of those women would feature Pleshette towering above the rest. She was pretty. That’s it, for me. Her boobs were on the big side & definitely drooped. Among the rest, Preston was the second prettiest. OTOH, including Connelly, she’s tops. Her tits aren’t (or weren’t) medium-sized, either. Not to me. IOW, again, in spite of, not because of. Though puffies is nice. YMMV, of course.

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