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New pics 01/07: 

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Sophie De Fürst in “silence”:

Margot Bancilhon in “l’invitation”:

Natacha Lindinger in “Sam”:

Emma Colberti in “un si grand soleil”:

Joséphine Drai in “plan coeur”:

Jeanne Abraham in “la guerre des trônes”:

Natalia Puszjo in “la guerre des trônes”:

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He was a legitimate film scholar, and his directorial career got off to a tremendous start, but the combination of his arrogance and some career flops eventually consigned him to a kind of Hollywood oblivion where he was respected for his former achievements, but not frequently sought for collaboration.

One of the oddest elements of his life was his relationship with playmate-turned-actress Dorothy Stratten and her much younger sister, Louise. His affair with the married, 20-year-old Dorothy contributed to her demise at the hands of her jealous estranged husband, then his affair with Louise resulted in their wedding when he was 49, she 20.

I guess it depends on how one completes the thought. Less than what? If it’s less than Pete Davidson – certainly. If it’s less than they used to – maybe. If it’s less than me – probably not, unless they are Tibetan monks.

This may be the one and only time I link to an article in Scientific American.

It’s the only magazine where I don’t even understand the pictures.

We now resume the usual crap at my reading level, from Cracked and Weekly World News …

We may as well skip the voting for the nude scene of this year. Our winner has already appeared in episode 10 of the Mapleworth Murders.

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Believe it or not, Paula Pell nudity is in demand right now. She did another recent topless scene in Wine Country. With a nude scene every year, she’s the Nastassja Kinski of the new millennium!

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