If the Olympic gymnastics were nude, I might actually tune in. Well, for the women anyway. Here’s Corina showing proper form on the balance beam, or whatever they call that Lincoln Log they walk on.

Oh, that Lincoln. He gave us so much: Freedom, the Union and the best damned play logs money can buy.

Weird trivia of the day: Lincoln Logs were actually Lloyd Logs, in that they were invented and patented by John Lloyd Wright, the son of the famous architect.

New pics 01/14

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Karin Viard in “l’origine du monde”:


Daphné Dumons in “sucre cristal”:


Anna D’Annunzio in “la beauté carnivore”:

Marlène Robinel in “Imago”:

Samara Lakaf in “le complot”:

French version, with extensive commentary

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