UPGRADE: Kelly Reilly topless in HD

This, again, is from that alternate version of s4e8 of Yellowstone

Here is a 4K capture from the scene:

image host

10 thoughts on “UPGRADE: Kelly Reilly topless in HD

  1. When I went to the site that had the video, Malware Bytes practically jumped out of my PC and wrestled me to the ground to prevent me from continuing. Must be some really bad shit on that site. Also got messages that I had to install a new flash player and give them my first born. No thanks.

    1. Strange. Although I had never visited that site before, I had no problems and got no warnings from my anti-virus software.

    2. I’m no expert on malware, but I looked at the source code for that page and found nothing suspicious.

  2. After these popped up, I started looking, and the only version I could find on the torrent sites that had this scene was the 4k version. No indication which outlet has this version.

    1. Goddammit, this is MURICA!! If there are two edits, WE should get the good one! Let the Uruguayans and the Maltans have the crap version. First, jackasses try take over the country, now this. IN A HANDBASKET, I’m tellin’ ya!

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