They now have to change the Flintstones song to air the show in Florida, since children will automatically assume that Fred was having a “gay old time” with Barney, sans womenfolk. From now on: “we’ll have a he-man time.”

The passage of this bill drew immediate ire from Marcia Straight Harden, the descendants of the great reporter Macho Talese and former PGA star Studs Brewer, as well as the descendants of the pilots who flew the Enola Hetero.

I have to admit I was a bit surprised by this announcement. They actually broke in to announce it as a news bulletin, interrupting my viewing of The Rugged, Totally Manly Caballero. These sorts of things can be disconcerting in the USA. Perhaps my friend and I should move to Gutsy, Red-Blooded Paree.

There have been many beautiful film stars across the globe over the century or so of cinema history, so I can’t just single one out. I’m not saying that Monica Bellucci is the sexiest ever.

But I’m also not saying she isn’t.

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In this film Mastroianni acts like he’s almost bored looking at Monica Bellucci’s body. Of course, that may just be Mastroianni’s acting, because he always kinda seems bored and wearied by life, only slightly bemused by the ironic futility of his own existence. At any rate, I’m not saying I could never get tired of looking at her. Given human nature, I guess it happens with almost every couple, not matter how perfect they seem. If I had looked at Monica naked every day, perhaps I would eventually have become jaded and blase. But I would surely have loved a chance to find out.

Monica’s early nude scenes in chronological order (.gif)

Some of her best modeling shots: (1, 2, 3)

So – she has to take time for sleep and food. Looking at her, there can’t be that much food, so when she’s not filming, that leaves maybe 8 hours for sleep and 16 for exercise? I assume that when she does anything else, it’s just another form of exercise. Let’s say she goes to a club – I assume she fast-dances non-stop, with breaks only for a scotch and water – hold the scotch. Anyway, it has paid off. That butt looks mighty hard.