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Elodie Bouchez in “chevrotine”:

Ayumi Roux in “skam”:

Charlie Bruneau in “je te promets”:

Pauline Lorillard in “Marianne”:

Angélique Atlan in “les particules élémentaires”:

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This scene is not in the movie. It was staged for a photoshoot. The fact that Kris was willing to do this as an extracurricular activity was reportedly the cause of his divorce from Rita Coolidge. Kris has said in interviews that he’d like to take this chapter out of his life. Apparently he and Rita had a pretty good thing going, and he blew it when he had this public affair with Miles, then regretted it too late. Too bad we can’t enjoy the sex scenes as much as Kris and Sarah did. Unlike other similar examples of when people fell in love on camera, like Wild Orchid, none of that passion appeared on camera in “Sailor.”

Some naughty stuff did happen in the film:

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Scoop’s notes (SOME SPOILERS):

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