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Charlotte Gabris in “Juliette in son bain”:

Manue Fleytoux in “Juliette in son bain”:

Louvia Bachelier in “la faute à Rousseau”:

Anaïs Demoustier in “Chère Léa”:

Manon Tabet in “in l’ombre des dunes”:

French version, with extensive commentary

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“Léa Seydoux has several nude scenes in the new Mia Hansen-Løve film Un beau matin aka One Fine Morning.

Just over half an hour into the film, Léa is shown naked from behind while lying horizontally on bed. About 10 minutes later, Léa is seeing someone off when she shows them her breasts to try and entice them to stay. Later on, Léa is naked and grinding on top of someone for a bit.

Un beau matin is currently playing at Cannes.”

from “Recapped

The shooter was not an illegal alien, unless you consider North Dakota a foreign country, because that’s where he was born.

The shooter was not a transgender person. All of the photos purporting to show that are clearly identified as completely different people, who are understandably pissed off about how their pictures are being used.

It goes without saying that this was not a false flag operation. 19 aggrieved sets of parents are mourning the loss of 19 fourth graders. These parents are joined in grief to the friends and families of two educators.

The crazy begins. Leading the charge has been the ever gullible Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona, who spread two of the three rumors in a single tweet, claiming that the shooter was a “transsexual leftist illegal alien.” In the past Gosar has supported various lunatic theories by tweeting doctored photos and once famously declaring that Antifa was responsible for storming the Capitol on Jan 6.