Way to go, Science.

By the way, I can achieve this same effect with human women by criticizing Dirty Dancing.

…. Speaking of the march of science, the pinnacle of human scientific achievement may have been reached – “Artificial Intelligence Can Now Accurately Describe Your Poop.” Now that we’ve reached that point, humanity should have smooth sailin’ from now on. It’s gratifying. All this time I thought those scientists were simply wasting their time trying to alleviate human suffering.

Per Variety: “Bo Hopkins, the actor who has appeared in classics like ‘American Graffiti,’ ‘The Wild Bunch,’ ‘Midnight Express’ and ‘The Getaway,’ died Friday. He was 80 years old.”

Weirdly, the facts surrounding his demise are in dispute. The Hollywood Reporter says he died Saturday, and was 84 years old. Take your pick. Wikipedia chose the “Saturday at 84” option.

I had more or less forgotten him, and the images from these articles reminded me of how much he resembled Alexander Skarsgård.