Elizabeth Hurley topless

In Kill Cruise (1990). Terrible quality, but hey, it’s Elizabeth Hurley at 24!

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6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Hurley topless

  1. I remember that film having such an odd ending where it seemed like the crew and director just ran out of money and then went….”Screw it, we are just going to wrap this up with a queue card, and hope nobody complains”

  2. They also did Marry Cruise, although unclear whether any of them actually did Fuck Cruise.

  3. …and honestly, whether you’re Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, or just anyone who laid down perfectly good money for Days of Thunder, who *hasn’t* wanted to kill Cruise at some point?

    1. The last time Cruiser got any of my money was “Risky Business”. I despise the guy and damned if I am going to contribute to Scientology. He’s just a waste of protoplasm and the media continues to kowtow to him

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