Nastassja Kinski naked in Stay As You Are

Risky material. A middle-aged architect meets a young and beautiful student and the two begin a relationship. The film examines how they feel about each other after they realize that he may be her father.

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8 thoughts on “Nastassja Kinski naked in Stay As You Are

    1. The Criterion edition of The Wrong Move specifies that it was filmed in the fall of 1974, so she was thirteen and a half.

      But, yeah, point remains the same.

  1. Notable that she was 17 on the release date of this movie. Great parenting Klaus.

    1. Is the age a problem? I don’t see much difference between 17 and 18. I remember Brooke Shields mother getting crap a long time ago. Interesting how Brooke seemed to have turned out great while all the other Hollywood kids got completely messed up. Seems Shields mom was mostly attacked for being a stage mom. Perhaps being around is what protected Brooke. People should look at the events that actually happen as opposed to meaningless statistics.

      1. Eh, Brooke turned out okay despite her mom. She’s made it clear that she was pretty much prostituted out by her, her body sold for photos and film before she even really realized what it meant to be naked in front of people. It could have easily went the other way.

        That said, mainstream movies are -weird- in what’s “okay” when it comes to age and nudity because Americans are so completely twisted regarding kids and sex. Stuff like Cuties on Netflix gets cries to ban it and arrest people when there’s zero nudity and it’s a movie against the early sexualization of girls.

        At the same time, you can find movies like My Life As A Dog, Pretty Baby, and To The Devil – A Daughter with all kinds of nudity from girls the same age and that’s fine because…reasons?

        None of these are pornographic or exploitative in any way (although pretty baby comes DAMN close, Givin you the side eye Malle) but as with all things involving sex and nudity on film, you never know what people are gonna get wigged out about.

    2. Also, this is a European film, where they don’t give a quarter of a damn about non-sexual nudity involving minors.

      Was watching this weird French comedy the other day, bam, 14-yo character (played by 14-yo actress) strips and does lengthy full frontal scene. Like, um, okay. Unexpected and kind of out of the blue with the narrative. (The frumpy, nerdy daughter “proving” for some reason she wasn’t hot like her older sister to her mother and little brother.) Both just kind of look shocked, next scene. Eventually she decides she doesn’t have to compete with hot older sister. Not sure why she had to suddenly strip down for like 3 minutes to reach that point, but France gotta French.

      So yeah. Europe, zero hangups with nudity. Of any sort. We’re the ones with that issue.

      And Japan. But only with genitalia, and then they just pixelate the shit out of everything.

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