“Satanic Appreciation Week”?

Didn’t Satanic Appreciation used to open for Black Sabbath?

The Satanic Temple has asked to fly its flag over Boston City Hall after the U.S. Supreme Court this week ruled that the city violated a Christian group’s constitutional free speech rights by refusing to raise a flag bearing the image of a cross.

The Salem, Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple following the ruling posted a request filed on Tuesday with the city’s property department asking to have its flag raised for “Satanic Appreciation Week” from July 23 to 29.

5 thoughts on ““Satanic Appreciation Week”?

  1. In a free country, I believe we have to honor that, or be hypocrites.

    I, for one, was appalled, when the EU rejected Turkey, because it wasn’t Christian. I think Hungary is just as much of a problem for both NATO & the EU as Turkey. I don’t see what Islam has to do with either group’s mission. If I had a vote in them, I might go along with a motion to kick out all the Christian countries. Not seriously. But, it’s a thought.

  2. This stuff always cracks me up. For some reason it hits my funny bone. I guess due to the sheer wackiness of it all.

    Remember this one?

    That had me in stitches from laughter. It just feels like such an over the top practical joke, but the fact that they are really serious just elevates the funny to the next level.

    Keep going Satanic people, you brighten my day with your lunacy.

    1. The strangest thing about the Church of Satan is that they don’t believe in Satan.

      1. Different groups: Church of Satan was started in 1966, The Satanic Temple in 2012. It’s The Satanic Temple that has codified abortion as a religious ritual.

    2. Frankly, they have a point.

      “Don’t blame Satan for White Supremacy,” said one Satanist. That view could win my vote. Seriously.

      Well, no. I’m not free to vote 3rd party. Not in this country.

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