“Sports Illustrated 2022 Swimsuit Issue – The Diversity Models!”

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12 thoughts on ““Sports Illustrated 2022 Swimsuit Issue – The Diversity Models!”

  1. It was funny to see Jordan Peterson talk shit about that chick, and then all of his fans came on to defend the honor of their own wives.

    “Um sir, I am a fan of your esteemed rhetoric, but might that be just a touch harsh? My own wife is also a big fat pig.”

  2. How weird is it that our freakishly puritanical society is okay with showing a full female breast so long as it doesn’t have a nipple?

    Also: to everyone worrying about the sky falling because SI has “inclusive” models in the Swimsuit Issue, realize that the issue hasn’t been relevant for decades, and this is just another attempt by SI to gain back some of that relevancy. Times change.

  3. I’ll admit.

    I love seeing the curvy girls. That’s a long time coming. Plenty of curvy models out there who would be amazing in this.

    The one model? Has gone way beyond curvy into “we’re making a point” territory.

    And most of the rest of the “diversity” models? How many older models are out there still smoking hot? Tons. We don’t need Grandma Time here. Again, making a point, not making a swimsuit issue.

    Just not sure what audience they were going for. Figuring straight men wouldn’t buy it anymore, so they should try to get straight women to buy it so they’d read about the brave models?

    Better plan: curvy models. Older models. Lesbian and bisexual models. (And I’m even talking butch…a little androgyny on a fit, female body never hurt anyone.) Hell, keep a sexy pregnant model. Be diverse. But goddamn, STAY SEXY. You can make your point about diversity while still staying within the very broad spectrum of sexy just about anyone, male or female, who enjoys looking at women, will agree upon. Trying to make women who are inherently not good looking in swimwear fit in this format is not making your point, it’s betraying it.

    Your point is “look at these different kinds of sexy” and the world is saying “um, well, we’re looking” and these poor misguided women pay the price.

    1. Well if they’re in swimsuits then appears to be a swimsuit issue. Maybe not one you want to jack off too, but a swimsuit issue.

      Seriously in the age of Pornhub and even Othercrap where you can click on here and see all kind of sexy and nudes, does a typical swimsuit issue really mean jack shit to anyone? When’s the last time you even thought about one, I sure haven’t.

  4. That took my day down a notch. Chronically ill woman, woman with Frontal Temporal Degeneration, woman who is fat. Yet another bad news day.

    1. It’s actually the model’s mother who has that frontal temporal degeneration thing. The article was misleading, although it seemed to nail every other description perfectly. Except one description should’ve been obese instead of fat.

      That particular model is known for being a full-time caregiver for her mother.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. It was depressing to think someone so young could already be degrading mentally.

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