That legendary American ingenuity

3 thoughts on “That legendary American ingenuity

  1. If I understand the video correctly, that is a car being driven down an expressway with ridiculously long boards or pipes stuck through the rear windows and projecting out both sides by about 5 feet?.

    They are begging for broken necks, if they hit something strong enough to break the pipes. Worth Bingham, heir to a huge newspaper fortune, died that way in 1966, killed by a surfboard sticking out of his car (a convertible) that struck a parked car. (Some details here, if you search the article for the word “surfboard.”

    For some reason that story has stuck with me. It is a perfect example of both “here one second, gone the next” and “death is no respecter of persons.” I read about it in Atlantic Magazine in the 1980’s or 90’s.

    The people in this video, however, are much dumber, and doing a lot more to endanger others. I hope they got stopped before they got anyone killed or mained. Including themselves, I guess.

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