Crews remove the last functioning public pay phone in New York City.

4 thoughts on “The end of an era

  1. Inaccurate.

    No clue why they spun it like this.

    It’s the last pay phone in Times Square.

    1. They specify that there are still pay phones, but they are privately owned.

      “Officials said it was the last public pay phone in the city, but there are still privately owned pay phones and four permanent, full-length ‘Superman’ phone booths.”

  2. First went the booths and now even a phone on a post is more than they can be bothered with. I think they should have kept the booths. You could duck in there and talk on your cell, cutting down on the cell yell for everyone else. And it rains, you’ve got at least temporary shelter. Superman has a place to change. I guess though, “when they came for the buggywhips I said nothing because I didn’t have a buggy….”

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