Ghislaine Maxwell gets an all-expense paid vacation in the Ironbar Hotel

She was sentenced to 20 years in the hoosegow

Her lawyers asked for a reduction, making the preposterous argument that there are harsh conditions in the jail where she had been held without bail. The prosecution countered with the obvious fact that if disliking time in the ol’ calaboose were a valid excuse to get out, every criminal would be released early.

3 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell gets an all-expense paid vacation in the Ironbar Hotel

    1. Once upon a time …

      By Moira Mulligan
      October 11, 1986

      “Bill Cosby not only boasts the number one TV show around, but has been voted America’s most admired man in a nationwide survey. A Roper Organization poll found the 49-year-old comedian placing well ahead of President Reagan, Bob Hope, Pope John Paul II, explorer Jacques Cousteau, auto executive Lee Iacocca and the Rev. Billy Graham.”

      Ghislaine not so much lol iow she’s toast!

      btw, re: the above quote ~ you can’t make this shit up! which is the main reason none his victims ever came forward, eh. It would have been like accusing Mr. Rogers. 😛

      Things change …

    2. Being rich certainly helps you afford better lawyers, but there was also a very clear error by the judge at Cosby’s trial. Cosby only testified in a deposition because the previous DA had promised he would not be charged criminally. While the trial judge ruled that the prior DA hadn’t dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s required for an official grant of immunity, the appeals court ruled that because Cosby had relied on what he had been told by the DA, prosecuting him and especially entering his deposition into evidence at his criminal trial violated Cosby’s 5th Amendment rights. Maxwell may have grounds for her appeal, but I doubt they are as strong as Cosby’s were. Then again, I didn’t pay very much attention to her trial.

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