“Greta Scacchi slips into a tankini to hit Sydney’s Maroubra Beach”

Fair warning: You may not want to see this. Some people age well, like Porizkova, Helen Mirren and Elizabeth Hurley. Greta does not fall into that category.

12 thoughts on ““Greta Scacchi slips into a tankini to hit Sydney’s Maroubra Beach”

  1. This revelation is along the lines of Bridget Fonda from not long ago….while I feel sorry for my illusions that their youthful body types will never change, that these two beauties have reasons to not carry those youthful bodies into later life. I thank them both for their inspiration for our youthful times….both incredible beauties that fueled a lot of thought and desire. I wish them both well

  2. I was going to say that I feel sorry for her scale, but she probably doesn’t own one.

  3. Dear lord. She practically made my heart stop in “The Coca-Cola Kid.” A lonnng time ago indeed.

    1. God yes. I think I’ll skip the link and remember her that way. I may also have to reconsider my “trigger warnings are bullshit” default setting.

  4. Eh, she did her duty in her youth and gifted the world a daughter as hot, if not hotter, than she was.

    Hopefully Leila George does some decent nudity soon, but her cleavage and pokies on “Animal Kingdom” are very enjoyable.

        1. He was kidding. (Boy George as father of Leila George.)

          I thought it was pretty damned funny, a good one to add to my famous couples collection, along with Pete and Tokyo Rose, Peter and Wile E Coyote, Katy and Commodore Perry, etc.

          1. Speaking of whom … if you haven’t seen the unsold pilot for Bantu, the Zebra Boy, it’s a hoot. Sheffield grew into a pretty big guy, and zebras aren’t that large, so he looks truly silly riding one.

            Here’s a sample:

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