Mrs Peel bootylicious

Collages and comments by Brainscan:

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Collages of Diana Rigg in her first season on The Avengers.

I’m a decade too young to have cared about her in 1965 but by 1972, when the series replayed on a local channel, I watched every second. All my friends and I loved her smile and her wit and her delightfully lithe body – they shaped our tastes in women for the rest of our lives. When she left the show, I was devastated, as though the woman of my dreams had gone away forever. Talk about your foreshadowing.

Anyway, Diana as Emma Peel walks around in something sort of see-through in episode 5.

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Then, dressed as Robin Hood for a costume party, she flashes some wondrous rumpus in episode 24.

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2 thoughts on “Mrs Peel bootylicious

  1. The Diana Rigg color season was played as a summer replacement after my freshman year. I was shocked and awed. Still my all-time TV fave; there actually isn’t any competition.
    Didn’t see the black & season until the early 80s shown by a PBS station in Annapolis. Had just gotten my first VCR so the taping started. It was a low power station so the tape quality varied according to the weather. The station was so weak that when I moved from Capitol Hill to Upper NW in DC, I couldn’t pick it up at all. Took forever for a local station to show the color Emmas.
    Apparently, everybody in the UK thought the Avengers was going to go downhill when Honor Blackman (and the Ms. Gale shows are great) defected to Ft. Knox. So, the ratings were about 20% down for the first Emma Peel episode. But the next week they were 25% higher than the previous high. Word of mouth works well on a tight little island.

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