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Full gallery here, with some clearer see-through action in some shots.

Apparently time and tide don’t wait for women either.

Possibly excepting Elizabeth Hurley, who obviously made a deal with Satan.

(Liz and Beelzebub got close when she portrayed him in Bedazzled. He was acting as a consultant on the project. That was way back in 2000, when we still called him the Father of Lies. Oh, how naive we were. Now his lying achievements seem as outdated as Johnny Weissmuller’s swimming records.)

Here’s my take: I’m already worried about war, viruses, climate extremes, the death of democracy, a fished-out ocean, and the diminishing bee population.

So, vultures, you’re on your own, you scary-lookin’, ugly-ass mofos. I ain’t got time to worry about what you’re up to – unless you’re circling around my golf cart.