Britney Spears topless at the beach

For the most part, this .gif is just her usual hand-bra shenanigans, but there are a few frames where she drops the hands.

Click on the pic to get to the video and gallery.

One more version of the .gif, with just the topless part


As you may recall, this has happened at least one one other time.

image host

Here is a .gif of that one.

13 thoughts on “Britney Spears topless at the beach

  1. I find her more boffable at 40 than 20. Maybe ‘cuz I don’t have to listen to her as much.

    1. I agree. I know she’s a bit “off,” but I find her very sexy, and she basically hasn’t even aged in those 20 years.

      That said, I can’t figure out why she posts all of these videos which are essentially the same. She needs a new schtick.

  2. OK morbid curiosity – for anyone who watched the .gif with the mute off and can tell: is that her “singing” through that wall of autotune, or just some random track they found and threw on there?

  3. You’d think she could afford something better than a potato to take videos and pictures.

    1. I’ll bet that has more to do with her uploading it in low res.
      I bet the originals are good. I doubt she knows very much about computer stuff.

      1. I’m more than happy to help her out with that stuff, I’ll even act as cameraman if she wants. She just needs to give me a call.

  4. It’s a funny thing how it works. Everyone wants the celeb to do nudes when they are young and hot, but during those years the celeb doesn’t feel the need.
    Then the looks start to fade and the celeb starts to feel the fame fading away, and the nudity starts to appear, but by then there is less interest.
    I’m sure there is a math formula of inverse ratios there somewhere.

    1. Our former contributor, “The Insider,” used to call this the Farrah Rule.

    2. It’s actually more complicated than that. The Hollywood studios are not ok with actresses and other celebs doing nudity on their own to make money for themselves. If young celebs make these decisions on their own then Hollywood may blackball them. Hollywood basically wants these women to do nudity when they tell them to, but at no other times.

      These women follow the rules when they are younger and are getting work. As time goes by and work offers go away then they have nothing to lose. Britney isn’t doing anything different here than most female singers do nowadays anyway. They need to compete with the internet-based singers so they all strip down quite often.

      1. In this case, not studios, labels. Her labels and management would have crucified her for going full monty and breaking the tease after she turned 18. It’s clear she was controlled 100% by daddy and labels from the day she was born.

        Compare and contrast with Miley. Raised in the biz by Billy Ray who didn’t control her, she’s also MUCH smarter than BritBrit and not plagued with the mental illness or the years of trauma brought on by endless abuse by parents.

        She was up to no good as a minor, but mostly kept it under wraps. (a few near misses were leaked and traded, and a few holy grails exist but will never see light of day because her legal people and law enforcement are just waiting to pounce)

        Once she turned 18? She did whatever she wanted. Labels? Studios? Take her or leave her. She was never, ever out of control. She kept on making money and did what she wanted. If her life was a mess it was her personal life and nobody’s business but if she was naked in public, fuck it. Could have cashed in with a bazillion dollar photo shoot, she practically did it for free since she already had money.

        Britney is STILL only teasing because, at 40, she may need to sell off that explicit photo shoot to make needed cash. That’s how much her freedom cost her.

        My heart goes out to this girl so much.

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