She was 51.

The version I watched, way back when it first hit DVD, didn’t have this much lower body nudity. This great clip is cropped from a full-frame version. (Both versions have been captured by Aesthete and can be found in the members’ area.)

Here are some captures from the clip linked above:

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Obviously, this is not the first time penis and peanuts have been confused.

I recall one very specific example. When I was a very young boy in Rochester, NY, the main baseball rivals of our hometown Red Wings were the nearby Buffalo Bisons, who fielded a banjo-hitting outfielder named “Peanuts” Lowrey. He had been in pro ball since the 1930s, was a major league starter for many years, and was still coaching in the National League in the 1980s, but when I knew of ol’ Peanuts, he was nearly 40, hanging on in the minors, as many former big leaguers did in those days. I never got out to the ballpark when I was that age, so everything I knew about baseball came from the radio, and for years, I continued to believe that our radio announcer had been calling him “Penis” Lowrey. When I finally saw his 1954 card, I was bewildered by his having signed it “P-Nuts,” which may or may not have been some slightly off-color joke that I did not understand, and probably never will.

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