New pics 08/26 (if you don’t see thumbnails below, this link should work):

Marie Gillain in “à la folie”:

She is 47, but we know her for 30+ years.


Louise Chevillotte in “une femme à la mer”:

A trademark landing strip


Louise Legendre in “Paulette 15 août” & “les nuits minérales”:

She looks younger than she is


French version (with extensive commentary)

Charlie’s archives (Thousands of collages. No ads, no password required)



Why not stop the Ukrainian War while he’s there?

I’d like to know how the Russians are supposed to know what he wants. I’ve heard that guy on Howard Stern, and nobody on the staff or the listening audience seems to know what he’s talking about at any given time. You can recognize some English words, but the general sense of it is indecipherable. It’s like he’s reading excerpts from Finnegans Wake.

Well, I guess he can’t do any harm. The worst that can happen is that they decide to keep him as well, which is fine.

UPDATE: Rodman changes his mind. At least that’s what they think he said.