Julianne Hough Nip Slip!

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6 thoughts on “Julianne Hough Nip Slip!

  1. Now, I don’t deny being nuts… But, for a woman who’s pretty, young, fit, flexible, a dancer, has good dance moves, & laughs & smiles a lot, HoUgh just doesn’t come across to me as all that sexy, compared to rivals lesser in all those categories & close to her in age. What it boils down to, at least as I see it, I guess she’s more overt as opposed to coy in her flirts. She doesn’t manage to come across as hard-to-get.

      1. Sure, good point. Nature Mom’s description is fine, too.

        But some gays I’ve known were flirts, could come across as coy, could be sexy, & could even… vacillate!

        As far as I can see, my chances with Hough are unaffected by her sexual orientation. It’s just unusual for me to not get that vibe from a star with that profile of characteristics.

        And I speculate that it’s relevant that her peers deploy the particular trick of curl-twirling in their schtick that hers for me seems lacking in, and that this could account for my not getting the vibe.

        1. I mean, I had a thing for Kristen Stewart since Zathura. That hasn’t suddenly gone away just cuz she got less available somehow.

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