She must be a magician. I was just watching that performance again. She was wearing her usual outfit – right breast covered; left with tape over the nipple. Then about 3 seconds later, the camera cut to her and the covered breast was no longer covered. Impressive. She got that top down in an instant and never missed a note. (That cameraman cut away immediately when he realized what had happened.)

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She does this regularly.

I was shopping at Walmart today, because that’s the classy kind of guy I am, and I happened to notice that one of the Costanzamobiles was not available for use. (That’s the term I use for the mobility scooters, in tribute to George Costanza’s famous low-speed chase.) At any rate, the sign on it said:

Sorry, but my battery is currently charging. Please select another craft.

Craft? Really? Are we talking about Old Ironsides, or the Spirit of St. Louis, or the Space Shuttle? I’m not sure those would be ideal for navigating the pet food aisle.

New pics 09/02 (if you don’t see thumbnails below, this link should work)

Yara Pilartz in “Psylo”: she was very hot … 10 years ago


Manon Clavel in “Psylo”:

Helena Noguerra in “l’homme de nos vies”: she is 53!

Elodie Fregé in “l’homme de nos vies”: better known as a singer

Flore Bonaventura in “l’homme de nos vies”:

Claire Duburcq in “et la montagne fleurira”:

Bérénice Boros-Turquin in “demain nous appartient”:

Lena Chan in “Hanakotoba”:

French version, with extensive commentary.

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Philadelphia was rated the rudest.

Who knows? Could be, I guess. Philly has always had this reputation. It’s the city where they once booed Santa Claus, and my dad claimed that they booed him for “only” hitting a ground-rule double when he was playing for the legendary Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. Of course, if you are familiar with my dad’s stories from reading this blog over the years, you’ll know that almost nothing he ever said in his life was true or even close to it, so there is no reason to expect an exception here, but that Santa thing is true, more or less.

Note to those unfamiliar with the Danny Sparrow stories:

I was fortunate enough to have the greatest big brother any man ever had. What made it complicated is that he was actually my dad, a fun-lovin’, tale-tellin’, incredibly entertaining man who was on the one hand totally irresponsible, but on the other hand, and for pretty much the same reasons, always fun to be with. I gave a more serious explanation of my complicated relationship with my dad in my review of Big Fish, a movie which felt like a Danny Sparrow biopic.