Not true. The cops actually plugged her in a Reno shoot-out, after she shot a man just to see him die. She was that kind of decisive leader.

You know some people will believe this nonsense. USA Today actually handled it as a fact-check, and they probably needed to! Scoopy’s First Law of the Universe is this: No matter how stupid any idea is, there will be many people who believe it, and even take credit for it. Some people believe the world is flat, or that ice dancing is a sport. If Trump said that Queen Lizzie died in a gangland rumble with Hunter Biden and JFK Jr, probably 30% of Americans would believe it.

The term “New York, New York” has always caused unnecessary confusion. I suggest they keep the name of the state, but change the city’s name to Swanky Bullshit Central.

Except for Staten Island.

Just make that a separate city. They have some bullshit, but are generally swank-deprived.

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