All captures and comments by Whitecaps:

“These are from a 2014 movie named Darkness on the Edge of Town (but nobody is racing out at the tressles.) The film, a taut psychological thriller, is set in rural Ireland and is a story about two best friends, one Cleo Callahan (Emma Eliza Regan) a voaltile master marksman whose sister was just murdered, and the other, Robin O’Riley (Emma Willis), a master manipulator.

I recommend the film but it shouldn’t be seen for the nudity, other than it’s actually the leads who do the nude scenes (Emma Eliza Regan is the brunette).

This is the IMDB parent’s guide write-up:

A girl gets undressed to take a bath in front of another girl. Her breast is shown.

In another bath scene a different girl is shown fully naked in the bath, both breasts and the side of her butt shown briefly.

Technically that’s accurate enough, but it’s the minimum possible.”

Emma Eliza Regan

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Emma Willis

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