Now that’s some quality Eastern European entertainment!

What a fun time the Ukrainians have when they crowd around the screen to watch this in whichever bar in Kiev is currently taking its turn with the country’s only remaining TV.

There are some who say that it’s not actually a broadcast at all, but just Lidiya standing in back of a cardboard cut-out of a TV screen.

Back in the day when they still had more than one TV, the country really enjoyed the American broadcasts of Ukraine’s hottest new entertainer, Soupy Sales.

Charlie’s commentary this week is filled with information about upcoming films, including but not limited to the nudity report. It’s in French, but use easy to understand with translation software. (Google Chrome’s automatic translation makes it easily readable.)


New pics 09/23 (if you don’t see thumbnails below, this link should work):

Julie De Bona in “les combattantes”:

Natacha Lindinger in “entre ses mains”

The older she gets (she is in her 50s), the more she gets nude


Ariane Labed in “L’opéra”:

Suzy Bemba in “l’Opéra”:



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