It seems that Bella Thorne finally released a clear shot of a breast

Not sure of the source, but here’s the payoff

Here is one of the few previous looks at her chest.

And one time when that same breast fell out by accident.

8 thoughts on “It seems that Bella Thorne finally released a clear shot of a breast

    1. That same breast fell out of her top a few years ago:

      But the stuff that she releases always seems like an endless tease.

      (She has previously released the new pic, but in much inferior quality, and with scribbling over the nipple area. I don’t know whether she posted the uncensored version. It may be a leak.)

      1. I was thinking that she pretty much showed everything at this point, including gyno-cam and procto-cam stuff. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else.

    1. She is constantly wearing gaudy fake nails. I would imagine that what you see could be residue from the glue used to attach them. Can’t be sure, just guess.

  1. Feels fake to me – look at the perfectly round areola with the very clean transition to skin. Even assuming plastic surgery, that transition does’t look right. My guess is that she was wearing pasties that were turned back into nipples via photoshop. But I’m not an expert in these things so I could be wrong.

    1. I am inclined to believe that this is legit. I am pretty sure it is an uncensored version of a photo that was released a couple years ago. The original photos she released with scribbles covering the nipples. If you put the image into google search it is easy to find the original.

      1. Thanks for the information – Having compared the image and the censored version, I’m pretty certain that this image is a decensored version – i.e., someone use the censored image and used AI/drawing to take out the censorship.

        All of the parts of the new image that feel unrealistic are parts that are covered by censorship in the old image. There’s also additional blurring in the new image that wasn’t present in the censored image that would be unlikely if this is the source image (esp. since it’s so high res).

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