Lots of naked Marilyn Monroes

The real Marilyn, Lindsay Lohan and Ana de Armas

You can also see Ashley Judd’s version in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Lots of naked Marilyn Monroes

  1. DeArmas does look a lot like her here, but the skin tones are all wrong. She’s always going to be Latina, and no matter how much they want to pretend that Marilyn was, she just wasn’t genetically. Pale skin and rosy bits. Zero earth tones to be found. DeArmas, like most women from her country, is all earth tones, even if they’re fairly light.

  2. I think Ashley Judd took a swing at this pose as well, in a movie about Monroe. Mira Sorvino was in it too, so I may have them mixed up.

    1. That was an HBO film from years ago where one of them played Norma Jean and the other Marilyn. I don’t recall which was which though.

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