Sing along with me … “Mild Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays…”

“The light from this ancient explosion brings with it valuable new insights into stellar collapse, the birth of a black hole, the behavior and interaction of matter near the speed of light, the conditions in a distant galaxy – and much more. Astronomers may not detect another GRB this bright for decades.”


I hate to be that “back in my day” guy, but the most exciting thing that ever happened in our gym is when they decorated it with cardboard lances, papier-mache armor and assorted King Arthur fol-de-rol for the “Camelot” prom. King Arthur was appropriate because our sports teams were the Kings, and our spirit animal was (oddly enough) Bea Arthur.

Kidding aside, when JFK died the country kinda went Camelot-crazy. That musical was a big hit on Broadway, and Kennedy really got caught up in the Arthurian idealism. He styled his cabinet as the figurative round table, and referred to his Presidential administration as Camelot. Sadly, Lee Harvey Oswald never foresaw the worst possible consequence of his action – that a grief-stricken America Would allow Robert Goulet to sing “If Ever I would Leave You” on every variety show for another twenty years.

As for the wild action at the prom that night …

When the chaperones/DJs got really crazy, they played a soft-rock song instead of the usual Jerry Vale tunes. It was utter mayhem, I tells ya. Why, some of the older, more sexually experienced guys even moved their hips when they danced, shocking the teachers and parents who were monitoring our every move.

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This brought back a lot of memories for me. I went to Bloody Summer Camp myself. A lot of my friends went to camps named Massawepie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, or Surprise Lake, but my parents sent me to Bloody. My dad thought it would toughen me up.

“I want you to have all the benefits of things I never learned – like a dozen ways to kill a man with household objects,” he would often say. “You never know when you might need it.”

He was a gentle man, but practical.

He was disappointed that I flunked out of that session after failing the portion about killing with spoons. I could never figure out which end to use. This also made me a rather sloppy soup-eater.

Dad was almost as disappointed then as he was when I failed One-Hour Martinizing. I did my best, but I could never get it below 64 minutes.

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Here is a long sound clip which includes that scene

Originating in Chile and running from 2005-2014, Infieles was an “erotic comedy series about infidelity in couples and the different situations that lead people to commit it. The episodes use as reasons, among others, serious sexual disagreement, simple use of a favorable moment without thinking about the consequences, habits, or deteriorating or unpleasant attitudes–without ever losing humor and mischief.”