Camille Rowe: rear nude in Who Are You?

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There is also some underwater nudity, but I couldn’t come up with an ID.

This movie is so pretentious that it makes Terrence Malick seem in comparison like a third Farrelly brother. I made it through maybe three minutes before I started fast forwarding.

5 thoughts on “Camille Rowe: rear nude in Who Are You?

  1. How strange that UncleScoopy should remark on how this movie was too pretentious for him. I had just re-read his review of the Nicholas Roeg movie “Walkabout”, where he mentions that he is allegorical-tone-poetry intolerant, in same way that some people are lactose intolerant.

    I probably suffer from something similar, because I could not even grasp why “Jules and Jim” was regarded as a great movie. And I have NEVER seen “Last Year at Marienbad” or “Persona”.

    Yes, I am ashamed of myself. I will see myself out.

    PS – Is Bergman still regarded as a god by cineastes? I refer, of course to Ingmar Bergman, not his lesser known brother Gummo, whose most famous work, “Silent Strawberries”, was excerpted on the Muppet show. (In the original Swedish, I believe the title was “Death Bears a Rubber Chicken”.)

    1. That was the old philistine me. Now that I have acquired the wisdom of age, the one remaining item on my bucket list is to become the world’s master of tone poetry.

      Whatever that actually is.

      But seriously …

      I didn’t write that review, although I generally agree with it. It was actually written by a grad student who used to work for me in Austin. (Moniker: The Realist) He did some collages, wrote some reviews, and even took over the Fun House for me for a couple of weeks when I took a “vacation.” (Vacation defined as: I’d still write my column for two to four hours per day, but didn’t have to worry about hunting for material or publishing the daily page.)

      Many other people wrote film reviews for us back then. In addition to The Realist, Tuna and me, there was Brainscan, JK, Mick Locke, ICMS and Scoopy Junior, to name those I can immediately recall. There were a few other people who wrote only a single article about some film special to them.

      In addition to me and The Realist, two other people wrote the Fun House in its existence.

      • Tuna wrote it during the last week of 1999 and the first week of 2000 when I took a family vacation to The Big Apple, specifically for New Year’s Eve 1999. (My daughter and her mom went to Times Square that night. I blew off the celebration. I worked on my laptop, and watched TV in a nice warm hotel room.)
      • My oldest son, billed as Scoopy Junior, wrote it for more than a year in a period when I only did reviews and collages from films – two every single day. That was the era when DVD was brand spankin’ new, and all the old films were flooding out in digital format for the first time.
      1. Thanks, UncleScoopy. I can fully understand how someone who dubbed himself “the Realist” could have scant use for allegorical tone poems. As for me, I can’t tell an allegory from a simile or a metaphor, or even an analogy, even though I know they are all very different.

        That is why I had to give up my dream of making big bucks in the English lit game, whereas you will undoubtedly do so when you conquer the peak of tone poetry and proudly plant your banner there.

    1. Hanzo – that link you posted leads to a private board that requires registration. Do you have an alternate?

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