Paris Jackson – skin-tight top, pierced nipples

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Beautiful woman. Ugly ink.

4 thoughts on “Paris Jackson – skin-tight top, pierced nipples

    1. Whether or not she is the biological daughter of Michael Jackson, he was her legal father. He was married to her mother when she was born and a husband is presumed to be the father unless paternity is challenged at the time of the birth. There have been situations where men who discovered they weren’t the biological father and had the DNA evidence to prove it were still required to pay child support to the mother. While lots of people just assume MJ would never have had sex with a woman he could have provided his semen for artificial insemination. The strongest argument against that possibility is that Paris is so light skinned. While MJ may have been whiter than I am when Paris was born, he was much darker as a young man. But I am hardly an expert on how dark skinned multiracial children will turn out to be. If I was, I might have been hired by the British Royal family to provide answers so they wouldn’t have had to ask the Duchess of Sussex.

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