“The label was originally introduced on Wednesday – but ‘killed’ by Musk just hours later.”

In addition to a rash of fake celebrities, “Fake accounts purporting to be big brands have popped up with the blue check since the new roll-out, including Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX. Drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co issued an apology after an imposter account tweeted that insulin would be free.”

Not so interesting: “Soy sauce spilled all over Interstate 70

Kind of weird: “This is not the first time food products have been strewn on Summit County roadways, including two separate egg incidents. We’ve had at least a couple of beer trucks overturned. We have had potatoes scattered on the highway. We’ve had lentil beans, as well.”

“Born Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr., the mononymous comedian became a household name in 1980 with ‘An Uncensored Evening,’ the first standup comedy special to ever air on Showtime. Gallagher would go on to create 12 more hourlong specials for the network, as well as several popular programs for HBO.”

13 hour-long specials? That’s a lot of watermelons.

I can’t remember a single thing about Gallagher except the sledge hammer routine. I do recall that he claimed to have performed more live gigs than anyone else in history. Some obituaries talk about his sharp wit and observational comedy, and that he was totally insulting to certain minorities. The linked obit says he was accused of racism and homophobia. I recall none of that. Just the watermelons.

From my mailbox:

“The lead singer of The Regrettes got naked and pink on the cover of their new record, Further Joy. Today, a deluxe version of that record is released, with a new cover featuring what appear to be three alternate shots from the same photo shoot. We get slightly see through versions of Lydia still naked and pink, but now turned towards the camera, so less A and more T. Definitely more painted nipple action in this version than the original full-butt side-boob version. I think this is the best version out there, from their website, unless someone wants to buy the vinyl and scan it. (I doubt any readers from this site other than me listen to this band. It is very Gen Z alt-pop.)”

Scoop’s note:

Here is the original version:

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