Cate Blanchett (!!!) naked in Tár

This film is touted as a Best Picture candidate, and Blanchett has some Best Actress buzz. (She has already won twice, once in a lead, once in a supporting role.) The Hollywood Reporter anointed the film as “a work of genius,” and their review is nothing less than a love letter to Cate and director Todd Field.

2160hd captures:

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As far as I know, that is really Cate, not a double. She is 53 years old, and has never really done any topless scenes beyond some side-boob and a fleeting nipple.

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  1. Those shelves are jarring. I think they should contain one e-book and a Sonos. I gave up on displaying my CDs, they are in boxes in the basement.

    1. I guess that’s where mine would be if I had a basement.

      Or boxes.

      So I still have a few sittin’ on one shelf. I use them once in a while because my car can play CDs, but since I can load my own selection from a thumb drive to the player’s hard drive, and since I also have Sirius, that CD player is rarely used.

  2. Well I thought that love scene in the shower in Little Fish and lesbian sex scene was better than this. Most people assumed that partial butt shot in Little Fish was body double but she confirmed it was her in this old article.

    Fun fact, she technically played the topless masked chick who warned Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut. They used her voice and Abigail Good I think provided the goodies.

  3. Meh. I respect Cate, but for nudity, this is underwhelming. Got butt, hand ya that, some boob & a fleeting glimpse of a nipple. Mostly arm-bra & crotch-tape. From a distance & unfavorable lighting. Not only darkly lit from the camera’s direction, but against a brightly lit background to obscure our view. I can’t say more from the artistic standpoint, but it’s horrible from the nudity angle.

    I can say I don’t ache for her body anyway, but that’s me.

    1. From an artistic standpoint, I think it is fair to ask why a woman would work so hard to hide her breasts when she is alone in the room. The answer: because she is not alone. There is a camera there.

      In other words, she is not trying to perform realistically “in the moment,” but is essentially breaking the fourth wall to perform for the camera. That’s not something you would expect from a woman who presumably aspires to the kind of artistic integrity we’d see from Daniel Day-Lewis.

      But I don’t care. I think it’s a welcome scene for a distinguished actress who also happens to be an international star and has never before done any topless scene involving more than a stray nipple.

      And she wasn’t stripping down for something absolutely essential to the film. You could fairly argue that she consented to gratuitous nudity.

      As the good lord intended.

      1. That makes me think of Sandra Bullock’s scene in THE PROPOSAL, where her character is apparently aware of how she’s being framed in the camera and thus covers herself appropriately for the shot.

        1. Pretty sure that was Sandra’s real moon in Our Brand is Crisis – also, seem to recall BTS on the godawful Speed 2 of her & a bunch of others mooning on a boat. Think they showed it blurred on Leno, has this ever surfaced unedited?

  4. Saw this in a theater & it was so fleeting I was wondering if it was BD – the movie is about hanging by social media, so if they’re trying to troll guys like us looking for screenshots – well, touche cuz you REALLY gotta zoom in even for Cate’s bum. I recall one of her most overlooked performances about 20 yrs ago in Little Fish, some butt in a shower, but guess that was double too?

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