The inevitable has become official: the GOP will control the House

They are up 218-211 with six races still counting.

McCarthy was the overwhelming choice of the red team to become speaker, but that job is ultimately decided by a vote of all members, not just the GOP members. That would place McCarthy second in the line of Presidential succession

McConnell staved off a Scott challenge to retain his position as Senate minority leader. Schumer is safe in the majority job. The president pro tem of the senate, third in line to the Presidency, will probably not be Diane Feinstein, although she would be the choice if the Senate honored its tradition of picking the majority party’s senator who is longest in position. Senator Feinstein is 89 and noticibly fading. She would have been the first female to hold the job, but that honor will now likely go to Patty Murray of Washington.

21 thoughts on “The inevitable has become official: the GOP will control the House

  1. This is drom cbs

    The GOP is now projected to win between 218 and 223 seats, a narrow majority. Republicans needed 218 to claim control of the House. Ballots are still being counted in a handful of close races.

  2. I was really hoping that the GOP would just miss reaching 218 seats in the House. I think McCarthey is a sleaze and deserves to have his dream of becoming Speaker dashed again. Then again he may regret winning if he has to try and govern with a tiny majority. Imagine if you had to keep Marjorie Taylor Greene happy to keep your job. There is probably a better chance I win the lottery, but it’s at least possible a handful of moderate Republicans join with the Democrats to make someone else Speaker. That’s more likely than winning the lottery actually, but still unlikely. What is less likely than my winning the lottery is them making Liz Cheney the Speaker. Cheney might be smart enough not to accept that job. Instead of herding the cats, she could have lots more fun running for president and spend all her time at the various debates unloading on Trump.

    1. I agree with Michael McChesney here. All I would say is that I would not have thought there were any House Republicans with the guts to buck their party, but I think MMc knows more about that than I do.

      1. I am cautiously optimistic that Trump is starting to lose his control of the Republican Party. He has demonstrated he has the power to help or harm a politician’s chance at getting or keeping a GOP nomination. But last week proved his most fervent acolytes will lose in anything but the reddest of states or districts. I am not a fan of Desantis. I think that law revoking Disney’s special district was unconstitutional because it was clearly passed as punishment for speech by Disney executives. I vaguely remember that a constitutional amendment (one of the early ones I think) prohibits that. But I will use my rolling walker (I’m actually a 90-year-old man in the body of a 54-year-old) to go door to door for Desantis if it keeps Trump from getting the GOP nomination.

    2. Wasnt going to happen they picked up 4 seats when ca and new york lost them, and other blue states. Profected is 222, they will get there. Let
      The investigation and impeachment begin.

      1. Herb, when you posted in another thread here you forgot your number. Unless there are 3 generations of you, and that was Grandpa. Did you get your folksy writing style from him? And where’s Herb II? In the slammer for January 6th, or banished from the family for going all intellectual and getting his GED?

        PS – Apparently the expression “He took his finger off his number” or “Don’t take your finger off your number” has been gone so long you can’t find out about it on the Internet. I am disappointed, because I never really knew what it meant, but I thought it might apply here.

  3. “McConnell staved off a Scott challenge” then he was so pleased he climbed up on land, laid about 300 eggs, and went to get his plastron polished at a special DC place that does that.

  4. Projected was 222, they will get there. They now have control of the purse, the debt ceiling, subpoena power, impeachment, etc. Lets not forget the democrats laid the ground rules on impeachment turn around is fair play. With all the things coming out , with biden ,and hunter, looks like grounds, for one.

    1. In related news, medical marijuana passed in several more states, so rambling, imaginary stuff like this is going to become a lot more common.

      I swear, if i knew anything about computer repair, I’d start a repair/refurbish shop called “Hunter Biden’s laptops” and get all my publicity for free.

      1. I dunno. I’m pretty sure it’s in the Constitution somewhere that you can remove a President from office if his son is a flaming douchebag. I think Jefferson insisted on that clause after he first met John Quincy Adams and saw him scribbling notes on top of his lap when he had no desk.

        It’s always the lap top that gets them.

        Of course there were some small differences between Hunter Biden and John Quincy Adams. JQA was translating Thucydides on his lap top, while HB was using his laptop to order drugs on the dark web.

        1. Are you sure “thucydides” wasn’t slang for opium back then? “I would beg your indulgence to provide me with 20 pennyweights of fine thucydides at your earliest convience, plus a meerschaum epaminondas if there are any to be had. I remain, you obdt. servant, JQA”. Sounds about right for that crowd.

    2. I sincerely hope they do waste every minute of the next two years investigating everything they ever complained about and introducing as many articles as they like. It will accomplish nothing, and push even more people away from their side.

      1. They are going to, fbi, hunter and jow biden cause he lied many times saying he never new the donors or met them have picrures on his laptop. Bob j hunter business partner came out said it was a scam, biden getting kick backs that is iegal. Those to for sure biden can face impeachment.

        1. Unserious people led by less serious people. While I love mocking you, my god do people like you speak to the sorry state of our country and the intellect of the average citizen. Shameful.

          1. Dr Smitty, will I entirely agree with you, you could have at least thanked Herbert Smith for his authentic GOP gibberish. When, in ages yet to come, people wish to understand what kind of people voted for Trump, Kari Lake, MTG, and Lauren Boebert, then the voice of Herbert Smith, recorded here for eternity, will speak anew. We are truly in the presence of history.

        2. If impeachments could happen on the sole stupidity of politicians children, then Trump would have at least 10 more. There’s no one dirtier than Kushner and Eric. Wonder how much business fraud they’ve committed.

          Well, of course, the brain dead Trump idiots like you just bend over and take it, while he steals your money. Go ahead and donate more, he’ll accomplish nothing again, except criminal acts and giving your tax money to the rich elite.

      1. 1. It’s early

        2. An undistracted GOP is fully capable of adding “sit on a hot soldering iron” to welfare means-testing

    3. “Hunter Biden” says the pack of clowns.

      It funny that the GOP is too stupid to see that stuff like Hunter is exactly why they are continuously underperforming. But, I guess when nonsense like this and a crippling sense of constant victimhood is all you have, this is what you do.

      Pathetic and shameful, but entirely unsurprising.

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