Aubrey Plaza’s breasts in The White Lotus (s2e6)

Well, the left one anyway. I did not see this coming.

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5 thoughts on “Aubrey Plaza’s breasts in The White Lotus (s2e6)

  1. Oh, yes, another brief female breast scene on HBO while another guy was full frontal nude for prolonged time. How sweet.

  2. She jus dgaf, we’ll be enjoying her nudity well into her GILF era – but sad that Haley Lu finally had a love scene & all you could see was THE DUDE’S ASS

  3. I was sure I saw that nip slip in real time but it was so momentary and I didn’t go back and look.

    1. That’s a real insider Nic!!!

      (For the others, Dominic Di Grasso is the name of a character in The White Lotus. The actor is the guy who played Christopher on The Sopranos.)

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