Your favorite nude scenes of 2022 – the original nominees

Here are all the films suggested by everyone during the nomination period:

Adele Exarchapoulos in Zero Fucks Given
Alice Englert in You Won’t Be Alone
Alison Oliver in Conversations With Friends
Alyzee Costes in The Black Butterflies
Amelia Eve in Leopard Skin
Ana de Armas in Blonde
Ana de Armas in Deep Water
Angela Cremonte in Feria
Angeli Khang in Selina’s Gold
Anna-Maria Sieklucka in The Next 365 days
Anya Taylor-Joy in The Northman
Ariana Saavedra in season two of Dark Desire
Ashley Greene in The Immaculate Room
Aubrey Plaza in The White Lotus
Begoña Vargas in Centauro
Benedetta Porcaroli in The Catholic School
Brandee Evans in P-Valley
Brittany Snow in X
Carla Gugino in Leopard Skin
Carolina Sala in Devotion (aka Fidelity)
Cat Missal in Tell Me Lies
Cate Blanchett in Tar
Clara Galle in Through My Window
Courtlyn Cannan in Swimming With Sharks
Cumelen Sanz in Under Her Control (La Jefa)
Diana Myliutina in The Duel Club
Darya Balabanova in Karamora
Elarica Johnson in P-Valley
Elena Erbakova in Land of Legends
Elena Kampouris in Wifelike
Eli Jane in The Way
Ella Rae Smith in Into The Deep
Emma Appleton in Everything I Know About Love
Emma Corrin in Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Emma Laird in Mayor of Kingstown
Emma Mackey in Emily
Emma Thompson in Good Luck To You, Leo Grande
Gabrielle Ryan in Power Book IV
Gaite Jansen in Leopard Skin
Grace Van Patten in Tell Me Lies
Griselda Siciliani in Bardo
Hanna Bjorn in Clark
Inka Kallen in The Wait
Isabel Harder Pargana in Love Addicts
Jasmina Polak in Dead End
Jessica Chastain in George and Tammy
Jessica Raine in Becoming Elizabeth
Joanne Kelly in City on a Hill
Judy Greer in Reboot
Juliette Binoche in Both Sides of the Blade
Kang-Hae Lim in Somebody
Karin Viard in Dear Mother
Kelly Reilly in the streaming version of Yellowstone
Kristina Kucherenko in Chimera
Lali Esposito in El Fin de Amor
Lea Seydoux in Crimes of the Future
Lea Van Acken in Sloborn
Lena Headey in 9 Bullets
Lilly Krug in Shattered
Lily James in Pam and Tommy
Lily Simmons in Power Book IV
Lizzie Brochere in American Gigolo
Ludivine Sagnier in The Serpent Queen
Lukerya Ilyashenko in Chimera
Magdalena Poplawska in Glitter
Maia Mitchell in No Way Out
Margaret Qualley in Stars at Noon
Maria Morera in Cucut
Marta Nieto in Feria
Matylda Giegzno in Glitter
Maya Hawke in Therese
Melody Bayer in Die Boten des Todes
Mia Goth in X
Micaela Schafer in Die Boten des Todes
Michelle Rodrigues in The Forgotten Valley
Miracle Watts in P-Valley
Naomi Watts in Infinite Storm
Olga Bedrova in Freeze Dance
Olivia Grace Applegate in season three of Driven
Paulina Gaitán topless in Belascoaran PI
Paulina Galazka in Dziewczyny z Dubaju
Sara Klimoska in season two of Mocvara
Shamika Cotton in P-Valley
Simona Tabasco in The White Lotus
Sophie Marceau in I Love America
Suzanna Son in Red Rocket
Sydney Chandler in Pistol
Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria, s2
Thandiwe Newton in All the Old Knives (2022)
Tommi Rose in A Savannah Haunting
Virginie Efira in En Attendant Bojangles
Virginie Efira in Les Enfants Des Autres
Wiktoria Filus in Glitter
Wiktoria Gasiewska in Krime Story (2022)
Willa Fitzgerald in Reacher
Yara Pilartz in Psylo
Yui Kitamura in Believers
Zara Morandini in Il Re

Just in passing, I checked my stats and the nude post that got the most hits this year was Emma Watson at the beach. That one was obvious. It was the year’s biggest sensation. After that came some surprises. #2 was Emma Thompson in that Leo Grande thingy. #3 was Kelly Reilly.

74 thoughts on “Your favorite nude scenes of 2022 – the original nominees

  1. For me, Brittany Snow in “X” and someone I didn’t see on your list, Jessica Raine in “Becoming Elizabeth”, are long awaited, as well as Emma Watson on the beach in Spain.

  2. I put Virginie Efira’s two nude performances number 1 and number 2 on my list, and I am really hoping that at least one of them makes the final ballot, although I realize that is a long shot. Very much my type. Luckily for me, my wife also has that sort of friendly, intelligent face and body type, and still looks wonderful after all of these years (we celebrated our 30th anniversary this year). 🙂

    1. I’m working on the list now. The final ballot will include any scene that got a first place vote in the prelims, since that’s the format and purpose of the final round and nobody should be denied a chance to vote for his choice. I also included three other scenes that got no first place votes but scored well overall. As always, I have seeded them from top to bottom. I based the seeding on the number of first place votes, breaking ties based on my own judgment. Both Efira scenes qualified for the final round, and will be seeded 12th and 23rd. It seems quite possible that Bojangles will make the final top twenty, and even Enfants has an outside chance. In my opinion, the scene in Bojangles was a very good choice for first place. She’s totally naked, she’s attractive, the scene is well-lighted, and the scene is unique. Those points combine into a powerful argument.

  3. I chose my top ten out of personal favorites that few likely chose and then BURIED the likely most popular votes all the way at the bottom.

    Achieving nothing, but putting Sweeney and DeArmas dead last felt good as neither deserves even a top 20 finish this year. Hate everyone just making it a popularity contest.

    Blonde was the cleanest NC17 since Evil Dead 2 (topless nudity only??? Wha?) and Sweeney has done better in trailers.


    Seriously, watch Kang-Hae Lim’s gif. The sex is hot and then you get an extended scene of her fellating her guy’s thumb in a very very graphic way. Cannot believe Korea’s “Bureau Against All Things Fun” allowed this. Just astonished.

    1. I didn’t try to knock any scene down, but trying to be objective kinda sorta delivered the same result. I didn’t have Aubrey Plaza or Sydney Sweeney or Carla Gugino anywhere near the top – probably nearer the bottom – and I put some scenes near the top that will probably not even make the cut, like Miracle Watts and those two women in Die Boten des Todes.

  4. In no particular order (for now):

    Catherine Missal
    Ashley Greene
    Begona Vargas
    Lili Simmons
    Maia Mitchell
    Michelle Rodrigues
    Paulina Gaitan
    Sophie Marceau
    Sydney Sweeney
    Tommi Rose

  5. Kristina Kucherenko – Himera
    Carolina sala – fidelity
    Lilly Krug – Shattered
    Ariana Saavedra – Dark desire s2
    maria morera – cucut

  6. Yara Pilartz in Psylo: she is unlikely to cast many votes, but the scene is hot and she was a decently known young actress in France a few years ago before focusing on University.

  7. Lali Esposito – El fin del Amor

    I will probably be alone in this one. The scenes are brief, and she is not as well known here in the US. She is huge pop star in Argentina, and parts of Europe. I think people here may only know her from Sky Rojo on Netflix(an addictive show if you have not seen it). She had done some photos of late with a transparent top, but never straight nudity. She is crazy fun, beautiful, and very talented woman. Have had a crush on her for a while.

  8. Amelia Eve also in Leopard Skin. Was super cute in Haunting of Bly Manor, and loads of fun in this (it’s a great, tongue in cheek thriller btw) Spectacular ass shot. Maybe a debut?

  9. On doing some review – not complete mind you – I agree with those who say it was a bit of a disappointing year. Plenty of nude scenes, but a lot of it was filmed from a distance, was darkly lit, and/or covered up quite of bit of any real nudity due to camera angles or set props. And regardless of how it was shot, much of it was just incidental nudity rather than providing a sensual appreciation of female beauty. Nothing wrong with the incidental nudity, but it is not really what I would be looking for in the year-end recognition. The best of those I have reviewed so far is that scene by Isabel Harder Pargana in Love Addicts, but I figure that there must have been something better than that.

  10. Is it just me or was this one of the most disappoint years for celebrity nudity in recent memory?

    1. It’s just you. I’m seeing a total murderer’s row here, even if you only look at the ones named Emma. As Steve Martin said, “Look at all the tits!! There must be…53 tits up there!”

    2. It is worse every year, especially in US made tv shows/movies. Female full frontal nudity is almost non-existent and topless nudity is usually brief. Producers & directors are scared of tv and film critics. Critics usually bash movies and series with more female nudity.

  11. Gabrielle Ryan – Power Book IV: Force
    alice englert – You Won’t Be Alone
    Sara Klimoska – mocvara s2
    clara galle – Through My Window
    Wiktoria Gasiewska – Krime Story. Love Story
    Paulina Galazka – Dziewczyny z Dubaju

  12. Top 5 for me:
    1. Laird (what a debut, especially her strip audition)
    2. Qualley (foreign directors know where it’s at)
    3. Greene (VERY pleasantly surprised by her bare arse like 14 yrs after her leaked photos, & good to have a brightly lit alternative to the shooting-in-pitch-black trend)
    4. Leopard Skin honeys Gugino & Jansen (bringing bush back baybee)
    5. Simmons (cable TV’s goddess)
    Cutest (too brief) butts: Goth & Taylor-Joy (c’mon conspiracy theorists, not EVERYTHING is CGI)
    Sweeney has competition for hottest tits from Gaitan & Mitchell
    Emma T’s gunt looks pretty sweet to me but her nude beach bum always her finest hour
    Love Lola Creton but ginger girl on Black Butterflies DEFINITELY like to see more of
    The Way: haven’t seen a good prison ass spread in I dunno how long
    Blanchett lol never thought she was all that but guys are gonna be studying that like the dead sea scrolls
    Catholic School: WHAT the fuck is going on that show? New I Spit on Your Grave?
    But THANK YOU so much for the Suzanna Son link: HOLY SHIT!!! I saw Red Rocket & thought “This…is not an actress. She knows sex work.” And sho’ nuff – that butt, that vag – whatta end to 2022!!

    1. Laird – not so much in 2022.

      Her strip audition was included in our 2021 poll, where it was undervalued at 21st (in my opinion).

    1. Added, but not really a “SCENE OF THE YEAR” type of moment, as I see it. I love me some Plaza, but there’s not much nudity here to work with.

  13. I’m going to have a tough time deciding, because I loved several of them.

    I didn’t really care for Blonde as a film, but some of de Armas’s nudity was beautifully filmed and spectacular (as, of course, was her incredible performance). I suspect she’ll run away with the votes.

    Both the Mia Goth and Brittany Snow in X; I think I preferred Goth’s, but it’s a tough call even between these two.

    I was surprised how much I got into the Thompson scenes in Leo Grande. It probably helps that I saw them in the context of the film and not out of it; it’s an incredibly well-earned set of climactic scenes, and hot for character and story reasons.

  14. I can’t recall any compelling nude scenes this year. I mean, in past years there was nude martial arts, horseback riding, athletics, nude in public, and other really great scenes.

    But this year nothing really sticks out for me. Or from me. Ahem.

      1. Well, me Mah canna recall what she et fer din. Can’t say as I like this criterion much as a quality metric.

  15. I struggle a little with including Lily James on the list for Pam and Tommy since it was all prosthetics and not actual nudity. If it were real nudity it would be my hands down first choice (and probably top 5 all-time on my list), but it feels like a cheat.

  16. I 100% would have put Kelly Reilly on my Top 10, but the scene came out in 2021(December 19th) so she was ineligible for our list.

    1. Two points:

      1. For you, December 19, 2021 is 2022 because you put your list out in early December. Unless you make that adjustment, you will always miss the great nude scenes in late December releases. In essence, by adopting this policy you have made December cease to exist. (Same reason you missed Margot Robbie’s legendary full frontal in WOWS, a 2013 Christmas release, which appears neither on your 2014 nor 2013 list.)

      2. The scene we are evaluating was not seen until January 9th. It was the basic cable version that aired on December 19, and that did not include the nude scene, which is on the streaming version. By the contract between Peacock and Paramount, Paramount+ does not own the rights to the streaming version. Peacock can air the streaming version, but must wait until all of the live episodes from that season have been aired. The last live episode was aired on January 2nd, 2022 and Peacock placed the streaming version onto their platform on the 9th, which is when the nude scene first became available.

      1. Good points.

        My problem is I always do a big radio tour to promote our list and US radio shows shut down from about December 15th to EOY, so I always have to launch first week in December. I also have to choose actresses that are either celebrities or from shows a US audience could reasonably find or know about. That’s why I don’t include people like Virginie Efira, or Anna-Maria Sieklucka, etc.

        The Kelly Reilly Peacock technicality was my fault. My people told me it aired in 2021. I shouldn’t have missed that.

        That is why I always like your list because you have none of my constraints!

      2. It is amazingly strange that Reilly’s nude scene would appear on Peacock before Paramount. I wonder how the Paramount people feel about that. Both of these companies stocks are in trouble so maybe they’re all numb at this point.

    1. Virginie Efira has better nude scenes, including full frontal in Les Enfants Des Autres movie.

      1. I added that. I have not seen the film, but a lot of the scene is in the Italian trailer.

  17. lea van acken – sloborn s2
    elarica johnson – pvalley
    Anna-Maria Sieklucka – 365 days
    alison oliver – conversations with friends
    ella rae smith -into the deep
    begoña vargas – Centauro
    maya hawke – music video
    olivia grace applegate – driven s3

  18. I like your list, UncleScoopy. Even so far, better than Skin’s. He got Brittany Snow (thank you, Capt Obvious). You added Joanne Kelly & Emma Corrin. You’re on the ball, there.

    To that I’d add Cat Missal. I’m sure there’s others. In general, this year may not have topped some of the whopper years past, but half a dozen real surprises… Debut nudes that I did not see coming. I cannot share the disappointment of some of our more jaded friends. Maybe not a helluva year, but definitely not a total loss. There’s been wind in our sails.

    Oh, and I count Emma Watson’s topless vacation as a career move. So, while not exactly a nude scene, that alone should take the sting out of a bad year, even if it was so, otherwise. Which it wasn’t, I don’t think. People just get cranky as they age, I suspect.

    1. Oh, and let’s not forget the old farts who showed us they’ll still carry our water. Like, say, Judy Greer! Hey, hey, hey.

      1. Binoche, Watts, Marceau, that hilarious nude tea party with Karin Viard – MILFS GET IT DONE

        1. You’re so right, and Scoopy’s list so far has a whole slew of ’em comin’ outta its ears. Good old Emma Thompson. And that Carla Gugino, whatta babe!

    2. Doesn’t seem like a bad year at all. I haven’t seen most of the shows, but from the clips things look pretty good. I agree that people probably complain more with age which isn’t all bad since we do deserve more than we get.

      I thought Emma Laird’s scenes in Mayor of Kingstown were great. She may not be a big enough name to get a lot of people excited, but for me she looked fantastic and it was a good show.

      1. Eh, y’ain’t kiddin’. I mean, I seen her name & I’m thinking right away of Emma Laird Craig, who is not exactly well known neither. But way more’n this new lass. Heh.

        Mare of Kinstown eh, does it star like a big name like that other Mare of some other town? Maybe I’ll watch it anyway. I mean, I’m planning to live forever, so what the heck.

  19. He hits a few obvious choices: former child stars doing debuts, famous names getting well lit (Greene), infamous releases (Blonde, though thoroughly undeserving).

    Skipping Mia was a mistake. He just didn’t want two from one movie, and a debut from a child star was a must.

    Anya-Taylor Joy didn’t earn that in Northman, and given Eggers’ history with digital nudity we still don’t have 100% confirmation it’s real. (Zero nudity in the Witch, all of that was digital)

    For any he’d missed, I’d have to consult IMDB for dates of early stuff. It’s been a hell of a year. I think it’s been pretty stingy overall, if memory serves.

    1. If she had done top nudity, I would completely agree.

      As it is, I’m pretty disapponted with the options this year.

  20. Elena kampouris – wifelike
    Sydney chandler – pistol
    Emma mackey – Emily
    Benedetta parcoreli – Catholic school

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