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She’s a beautiful woman, and there’s even a distant full-frontal at the beginning of the scene. Plus the photography in the full scene is beautiful.

Despite all those positives, I actually fast-forwarded through the nude scene. That’s how dull it is. It is a full three and a half minutes in which nothing happens but Kira wading very, very very slowly, then a few seconds of her floating on her back. It’s so slow that it makes a Terrence Malick movie look like the opening scene of Roger Rabbit.

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The nudity isn’t great, but I did get hooked on the fascinating, mostly true story about a sleazy British MP. It’s one of those “truth can be stranger than fiction” stories. He was (allegedly) blackmailed into spying for the Soviet bloc, and (definitely) committed all kinds of financial fraud. He eventually faked his own death in an attempt to escape his legal woes. The ruse didn’t work. He was eventually caught, tried and convicted of various financial crimes, although he was never tried for espionage.