The MTV Teen Wolf series went off the air a long time ago. If you have been waiting all this time for a movie to be made from that series, your patience has finally been rewarded.

Shelley Hennig looked great in the rear nude scene, although the nudity was unclear in the running scene.

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Also in this film: Crystal Reed exposed her butt briefly

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Shelley Hennig showed up for the premiere of this film in a VERY short skirt

Bill banning sale of kangaroo parts introduced in Oregon

This will take its toll on the Scoopy Store, but my spotted owl buffalo wings are still available, and everything in them is genuine – meaning that the wings really come from spotted owls and the buffalo sauce is actually made from bison. Unlike the Native Americans, we do NOT use every part of the buffalo. We use only the flanks to make our sauce, then dump the gigantic, stinking carcass out of town, near the interstate.

Also – now available for take-out anywhere in the country except Oregon: my juicy Scoop Steaks. Trump had his shitty steaks and I have mine. The big difference is that every one of mine is guaranteed to be from an endangered species. The juiciest, by far, are the delicious manatee steaks. You used to have to come to my restaurants to eat ’em, but now we store ’em and ship ’em frozen, and pass the savings on to you. Well, that’s only half-true. The passing-on part is true, but there are no savings. In fact there are all sorts of extra costs associated with the freezing process, but if its any consolation we do pass those on to you.