Mia Goth (and others) – full-frontal nudity in Infinity Pool (2023)

I don’t know whether this cam is the Sundance cut or not, but Mia’s full frontal is still in it, or at least I think it is. I can’t explain why one pic has pubic hair and the other does not. The whole scene is a special-effects-heavy hallucination being experienced by Vampire Eric as he undergoes a cloning process, so I’m not even sure what is going on, but in the context of the movie, it must be Mia.


image host image host image host image host

probably Mia

image host

(In context, it is her character, but this scene is also jumbled with fast cuts, strobe effects, color filters, kaleidoscope effects, etc, so I don”t really know who is who.)

Anita Major

image host

I don’t know the one below, possibly Caroline Boulton (and others behind her).

image host

5 thoughts on “Mia Goth (and others) – full-frontal nudity in Infinity Pool (2023)

  1. The last scene is darkened in the R rated theatrical release.
    Just got home from it.
    Weirdly crowded theater. Including people with kids

  2. I liked it, but preferred _Possessor_, his previous film. Without getting *too* pretentious … the symbolism was more similar than not (both are nominally about loss of self), and Brandon is, so far, more focused on a singular piece of anatomy (the face) for his body horror than his father.

  3. That is indeed Mia in the sex scene. These would be great vidcaps once it comes out in HD but not necessarily enjoyable to watch on video considering the colorful lighting and the seizure inducing flickering lights. Most likely the only difference between the NC 17 and the R rated cut would be the erect penises in 2 scenes and the cum shot.

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