Proof that inclusivity has gone too far


She is the ultimate diversity hire.

8 thoughts on “Proof that inclusivity has gone too far

  1. Scoopy, you’re teetering on the edge of passing from dirty old man to grumpy old man. In an internet full of mostly naked women, you are never at a loss for stuff to post. But you still took time to recycle a video that’s at least four years old so you could poke at “kids these days.”

    (I know this because the day after you post this, the Google Doodle is celebrating her. Unless there’s another black swimsuit model with a right at-the-hip prosthetic.)

  2. She has a nice rack. I was kind of expecting some hideous land whale and what I saw was…. a relatively normal looking woman with a prosthetic leg. The horror.

  3. I mean, the clothing was put to the test & looked good. That’s why the models are hired, ostensibly. I’m not sure the fashion industry was created for the benefit of old horny men like us lol

    Of course she had an awkward gate & the whole visual was unusual. But here we are talking about it. Perhaps it was a more successful hire than you’ve considered.

    1. I never noticed what she was wearing. I had to turn away because it was too painful to watch, so I’m guessing they probably didn’t sell a lot of whatever it was.

  4. It was painful just watching her walk. I hope she uses any money earned to fund a better prosthetic.

    1. If you look closely, you can see she doesn’t have a usual above-the-knee prosthetic, but one for a total hip disarticulation (removal of leg at the hip). That condition is rare and those prosthetics are the most difficult to manufacture and use.

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