Many of you have pointed out that you’re not into Kindle and asked me if there is a paperback version.

There is: Here.

It is also available in most countries through your local version of Amazon (all the major English-speaking countries, plus many more).

(Please note that the darned thing is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.)

11 thoughts on “Scoopy’s novel

  1. That Saint Blaise throat blessing ritual ended up giving me a lifelong nervousness about fishbones.

  2. Just finished the book yesterday. A very interesting young life indeed. I am not sure that your father was as unique as you might think. My father also had a lot of tales to tell although he also grew up in the same era and was the same nationality as your father.

  3. I was reading an article just yesterday about how Amazon was removing authors from Kindle Unlimited for violating their exclusivity agreement when they hadn’t done any such thing. They were removed from KU because Amazon found out their books were available on pirate sites. Apparently, in order to have your book on KU, you must agree that the only place the e-book will be available is Amazon. In exchange, the monthly fee paid by the subscriber will be divided up among all the authors whose books that subscriber reads that month, minus the cut Amazon keeps of course. So if you want a share of that sweet sweet KU money, don’t upload your book to the Pirate Bay.

  4. So if I get it via Kindle Unlimited, how much $$ do you see? Is it equivalent to me straight up buying it? Or is evil megacorp screwing you over?

    1. It’s almost nothing when somebody reads it on KU, but ignore that and get it the cheapest way you can, assuming you are interested. I didn’t write it for the $$$, and I don’t expect to make much.

      I ain’t John Grisham, just an old fart who thought he had an interesting story to tell.

      1. Thanks for telling us how to get your novel. But can you tell me where I can watch The Abominable Showman? Were you credited in that movie as Blaise Sparrow by any chance?

        1. I think the only remaining copies are in grainy 1/2 inch VHS, taped from the broadcasts. I’m afraid it’s lost to the ages. About 25 years ago I tossed out all the professional-grade 3/4 inch tapes because … well, they took up a ton of space and I was finished with that chapter of my life. My director and sometime co-star, Scott Winarski, was livid with me for not shipping them to him.

          To be fair, it was so amateurish that it would not be worth anyone’s while to try to salvage it.

          (NO, I was credited under my legal name.)

          1. You mean your legal name ISN’T Blaise Sparrow? I am shocked I tell you!!! By the way, I bought a copy of your book last night. I bought the Kindle version as I am at the age where I only read ebooks because I can make the font larger. I have a couple of books I need to read first, but I’ll let you know what I think about it when I finish.

          2. My parents had decided on Blaise, but changed at the last minute. Thank heaven! Sparrow is a straight translation of my last name into English. My dad claimed that he did use that last name for several years, but nothing he claimed is reliable.

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