Myha’la Herrold see-thru at a swanky bullshit event

Actress Myha’la Herrold showing tits in a very sheer top while attending Paris Fashion Week with Thomasin McKenzie!

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2 thoughts on “Myha’la Herrold see-thru at a swanky bullshit event

  1. Missed my chance to comment on Cat Chaser.

    I never believed that open-leg footage was Kelly, anyway. We don’t see the legs actually opening. Instead, there is a cut to the shot with the legs in the open position. Coincidentally, the head is in the fully horizontal position for the entire duration that we have a between the legs sight line. We can’t make out “Kelly’s” face at all at that angle. By the time we do see Kelly’s face again, it is again after a cut. The crotch view is now long gone, completely out of frame. Another amazing coincidence.

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