Les Actrices Françaises Nues à l’Ecran is updated with site news and the latest nudity

A message from Charlie.

A page turns: THE SITE WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED! The triggering factor is the state of health of my business partner who hosts the site on his servers; his worries push him to stop his activities. At the moment, I have neither the time nor the motivation to look for an alternative solution to host the site (which protects me from the mood swings of actresses). But it is also true that for some time the desire has been less there, no doubt driven by the drying up of French productions. In 25 years, I will have published a little less than 9000 photos, after watching probably between 30,000 and 40,000 films, television films, soap operas and short films (not counting the very short Nikon style ones). This will have been the way to exchange with enthusiasts from all over the world, often film lovers, with actresses who are sometimes benevolent, but I admit generally irritated. Although I will stop producing collages, I will for now continue to post videos on the forums www.france-vidcaps.org and www.posteursfous.fr. The archives (all my collages) will remain online but will no longer be updated.

The new pics are below. If you don’t see thumbnails below, this link should work.

  • Dorcas Coppin in “comme mon fils”:   If you fly Air France you watch her in the safety instructions before take off

  • Johanna Landau Menuteau in “Babyblueseuses”:

  • Lou Cantor in “full moon”:


9 thoughts on “Les Actrices Françaises Nues à l’Ecran is updated with site news and the latest nudity

  1. Saddened to see the passing of Le Grand Charles Deux (GC Numero Un was very tall, had a very large nose, and complained about the difficulty of governing a country which produced 246 varieties of cheese). Bonne chance, Charles.

    1. Confusing “Aide” section for Vidcaps, even the English part – and I can usually get by in French. Where do you go to create one’s “pseudo” and “mot de passe”?

      1. Registrations are closed for France vidcaps, unfortunately. They are open for posteurs fous.

        1. In particular… L’administrateur des forums n’accepte plus de nouvelles inscriptions pour le moment.

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