I am voluntarily taking an internet-free vacation for a month (although I will have my phone, just in case). Call it rehab for an internet addiction.

I’ll be back in May.

Some online sources you should look for:

Johnny Moronic. It’s unbelievable how much material can be created and hosted by one man, much of it unique to his site. GREAT site.

Hot Celebs Home. He is always on top of the everyday matters of pop culture, and is very thorough in his approach.

The Nip-Slip. Self-explanatory.

Popoholic – great friend of Other Crap, and the world’s biggest fan of female celebrities. Not much nudity on his site, but it’s always sexy and upbeat. He’s not currently updating, for reasons unknown to me.

Drunken Stepfather. The internet’s bad boy. This is a guilty pleasure site for me, but others find his negative energy to be a turn-off. (He writes in a character voice.) He’s incredibly prolific, especially with his themed, non-celeb material. He obviously lives on a planet with longer days than hours.

93 thoughts on “Scoopy update

  1. I’ve followed you since the days my dial-up could load a tit in less than five minutes. Now the world needs a break from smartphones, internet, and oligarchies.

  2. So how many Scoopy lemmings are going through withdrawal symptoms? btw, have been checking in every now and then the past 10/15 yrs just to see what files GW has been “appropriating” from my go-to celeb site.

    Wouldn’t care regardless except GW has basically been charging a monthly fee for vids that are easily available at “free” celeb sites. 😮

    America, what a country! Supply and demand, eh. 😉

      1. Whereas it is true GW doesn’t/didn’t care what cappers at my go-to celeb site thought about GW stealing their vids daily and posting them at a pay site for a monthly fee obviously I don’t care what GW or any of his lemmings think about anything either.

        Yielding back the balance of my time …

  3. Have a great break. Hopefully you’ll be able to come back (or not) on your own terms. Been reading your blog since the early days. Always appreciated the updates.

  4. Glad you are getting some rest, thank you for all of your hard work to keep us up to speed and brighten our days . . will look forward to seeing you back, healthy and happy

  5. Any time that I’ve gone on vacation somewhere and was too cheap to pay roaming fees, it didn’t take me long before I didn’t miss being connected.

    Enjoy your time away from the bits and bytes.

  6. I don’t know when you started, but I started reading around 2002. I haven’t always agreed with you, but I have always respected your dedication. Rest and recuperate. We’ve got the watch.

  7. It’s been a joy. Yours was always the first site I checked in the morning. Good luck to you.

  8. Hang in there Scoop. The weight gain could just be caused by the steroids I assume you are probably on. Hopefully this will be a minor blip

  9. Bugger me, for all the years i’ve been checking this site i’ve never noticed your other sites, must be distracted by the naked ladies.
    Hoping life gets better, thankfully you have the best medical system money can buy.

  10. I used to visit two crap sites, totallycrap.com, which shut down about a decade ago and of course, othercrap.com daily until I got a serious infection myself a few months ago.

    After an awful, hard recovery, I still visit but just once a week or so. Having been a frequent visitor for at least a dozen years, it feels something like starting from pre-school to finishing high school, closing of a major phase of my life. Get well soon.

  11. So sorry to hear this. Been following your sites every day since since the early days. Do take care, and I hope you recover quickly.

  12. I haven’t commented for a while and I unfortunately don’t remember the name I used to use, but I hope you don’t mind me posting to wish you well and say thanks for everything.

  13. April Fool’s Day is a couple of weeks away. I don’t suppose there’s any chance…


    As you said, there are any number of sites where one’s need for bouncing boobies can be satisfied (myself, I’m partial to Celebrity Movie Archive), but intelligent discourse is not so easy to root out. I used to have two sites I’d visit regularly. One was The Straight Dope, but that one shuttered some years ago. The other was here. I’d even read the baseball stuff, despite my zero interest in the sport, just because I knew I’d be reading smart people exchanging opinions.

    When you first announced your illness, I mentioned my brother, who we almost lost last year to liver/kidney disease, but is doing lots better since his double transplant. There was a point when he despaired ever feeling good again, and the rest of us braced for the worst. I pray your recovery will follow the same upward trajectory, and you can carry on with Other Crap for years to come. But if, ultimately, you do decide to retire from this site as well, we’ll all miss you but understand. To quote from your all time favorite song, “We had joy, we had fun.”

  14. As so many others here I’ve been checking your site daily from 96 or 97. I remember one time when you raised your rates but let out a “trick” for some of us old timers to use that your companion male nudity site Dudes & Organs was staying at the same yearly rate, and on that site was a “back-door” to get into the regular Funhouse… At some point I just renewed the main site, but hey I just checked and dudes.org is still there!

    Focus on your health, enjoy your retirement, and thanks for all the mammaries…

  15. I was a longtime lurker but a recent contributor. You’re a good man with great balanced views. I’ve always appreciated your style, your insight, and your humor. Wish you all the best for a speedy recovery. You’ve earned a lot of fans over the years and we are all thinking of you. Wish you the best. Steve (erino)

  16. Long time first time. Just wanted to throw my best wishes ontop of the pile, along with one ask:

    Is there any chance you’ll do a mass-dump of the content you’ve created and amassed in a torrent?

    Too many times I’ve seen world-class collections of data disappear, only to have archival groups attempt to scrape together what was lost after the fact. In any case, I would be remiss to not ask. Wishing you all the best.

  17. I’m sorry to hear of your health issues, and wish you the best.

    Thanks for everything over the years.

  18. Sorry to hear about the state of things. I’ve enjoyed this site since I’ve found it. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

  19. I’m not usually one to post personal notes on blogs, let alone adult themed ones, but – I discovered the funhouse back when it started, when I was 19 years old. It was the first membership to any website – of any type – I ever purchased, and I kept my membership going for longer than any other website, though I did eventually reach a point in my life when I could no longer afford it, but I’ve been reading this website every day for as long as it’s existed. I still remember starting a new job 15 years ago and my boss walking in on me just as I loaded it up, and she saw the title, said “other crap, that’s a good name for a site”, and luckily didn’t ask any other questions.

    I wish you a quick recovery and a happy retirement from managing the sites you no longer wish to run.

  20. It’s hard to express how much I’m going to miss this place and your daily updates. I’ve been stopping here nearly daily since close to the beginning. I wish you the best in your health, and hope this is just a setback and not the end. Good luck amigo.

  21. Thanks for all the great posts all these years. You’ve been a good source for skin and an even better source for laughs. The occasional astronomy or sports post didn’t hurt either.

    Here’s something that might help you on the road to recovery. It’s important to keep the mind sharp and answer important philosophical questions. Such as:

    Which German actress has better tits?
    1 – Caroline Vreeland
    2 – Leila Lowfire

  22. It might be helpful to repost the list of recommended sites you posted during your earlier illness so those in need of a daily T&A fix going forward know where to look.

    You will be missed.

  23. Wishing you heath and a dash of good luck. Pulling for you! Thank you for all your work over the decades!

  24. I’ll echo many others. I’ve been visiting Other Crap for more than 20 years, it’s been more than just a part of my daily ritual, it’s been a part of my life. There’s no site like and never will be. You have my abiding gratitude and friendship. Take care of yourself, I wish you a speedy recovery, lots of beautiful naked women and even more laughs

  25. Wow, this place has been my daily routine for so long (20 years?). Wish you the best and thanks, especially for your commentary on various issues.

  26. Get well, that’s all that really matters

    I rediscovered the site 5 or 6 years ago and became a daily stop again after the good old days of atdt1800xxxxxxxxx on my 24400 baud modem to connect to compuserve.

    I hope the torch gets passed, but you will never be replaced . I hope you appear from time to time giving us updates on your health and or odd post .

    Thanks Scoop your unique style will be missed

  27. Been reading you 20 plus years and this is my only and last comment. Wishing you speed recovery bud. Thank you for all the nude, retards and fun you covered.
    PS: This felt like Truman show went off air.

  28. Wishing you the speediest possible recovery and a long and healthy life.

    Thanks for all the great content over the years.

  29. Feel better, Scoop! I have enjoyed your sites for many years. Stay strong, my friend.

  30. Thanks for all the great content over the years! Hope your health is fully restored and you get back to a healthy, prosperous life!

  31. Scoop – Thank you for your service to all of us.

    Spanning from the days of early internet (culturally, still post-WW2) to now (The Idiocracy made real), we’ve been lucky to have your work & dedication brighten each & every one of our days.

    Good night, and good luck.

  32. Hey Scoopy. The most important thing is your health. We will all be here when you are ready to start posting again. Your description of your health reminded me a bit of my father. All I can say is at least you don’t have congestive heart failure. Get better soon. Nip slips wait for no man!!!

  33. End of an era, man… end of an era,
    I’ve been here since the beginning. Though to be fair just an Other Crap lurker in recent years. I’m not gonna lie, this is the website I check first every day. It will be sad to see it gone. I guess I’ll have to do some actual work now LOL.

    Cheers to you, Scoopin-man.

    1. Shit!
      I should add that I hope you see this through and come out the other side. Just knowing you’re still out there in the world will bring me some relief.

  34. Wish you all the best and hope you get well soon.

    If any of the contributors, or visitors, want another place to post their celeb work, you can register here.

    It’s free

  35. Sad news, but your health is more important. Hope you make a full and speedy recovery. The Fun House has been an institution. Thanks for all the fun!

  36. Very sad news about the site but most importantly, get well soon. Thanks for your years of service.

  37. When my dad was in his late 60’s and 70’s, he had health issues that included thyroid and gall bladder removal, appendix removal with the surgeon throwing in a nicked spleen removal free. He had 2 heart attacks, had a stent inserted, suffered a mini stroke that limited his peripheral vision, and everyone thought he would go before my mom. Buried him last fall at 100, with all his mental faculties intact, his later years relatively healthy. I’ve had several friends who watched a parent linger for years with dementia. I hope this is just a bump in the road for you and you bounce back soon.
    You may have seen that Joe Pepitone died, cause of death not immediately clear but I’m pretty sure a lingering harmonica injury was a contributing factor

  38. Scoopy,

    Say it isn’t so.

    I was so relieved to see that you has posted today, but then really sad to read that this is the end. I truly will miss you and your site. It was like visiting with an old friend everyday. As many have already stated, the T&A might have brought us here, but your wit and wisdom kept us coming back (and yes, the babes too!).

    Thank you for the many years of entertainment. It has truly been a pleasure. I hope that you overcome your health problems and enjoy a number of good years. You are way too young (74 by my estimate) to be leaving us this early.


    A Fellow Ram

  39. Scoop, I too wish you the best and a full recovery. I’ve been here, like many, since the late 90’s.

    During the pandemic you posted a link I shared with you to my Roadhouse musical that appeared on an episode of our podcast. Honestly, I couldn’t explain to my friends how big that honor felt to me.

    Your book arrived last week and I’m so excited to read it. Your movie reviews have always been superb. The smut might have put you on my radar, but your incredible writing kept me coming back every day.

    I truly hope this isn’t goodbye and simply “see ya later”. Either way, enjoy some rest and relaxation, friend. You’ve earned it and then some.

  40. Best wishes for a full recovery!

    Any chance the bacterial infection and the kidney issue are related?

    Hasta la vista

    1. Yes. If not directly related, they have interacted.

      “Reply hazy. Ask again later.”

  41. First time commenter, long time reader. Been reading othercrap since probably 1998. been a huge part of my adult life. Take care my internet friend. Get well soon.

  42. Not sure how long I’ve been with you – but it was mid-late 90s. You’ve been my first website visit of the day for years – thanks for all the enjoyment you’ve brought to me.

    More-so I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a bit through the years, and in this weird digital world I think of you as somewhat of a friend. You will be in my prayers and my thoughts – when you get a chance I hope that you will let us know how you are doing – because I and I know many others of us care about you.

  43. Scoop you are the man. I’ve been following you since 96, and I have learned so much from reading your blog, your movie reviews, your thoughts on so many things. Also, pretty much everything I know about celebrity nudity I learned from you! I appreciate everything you’ve done and I have tremendous respect for you. I hope for all the best for you and I hope we continue to hear from you.

  44. You never know. Say Aniston, Salma, & Halle get together for a fully nude threesome scene, or an A-list fappening erupts; I suspect you’ll find your way back. You are too resilient to go the way of the D-Man or Celebrity Sleuth.

  45. This site has been a staple for many (many) years and that is not only due to your taste for great content, but also your humor and snark. Best wishes to you on a speedy recovery and may this just be a blip you look back on years from now.

  46. Fast recovery! Thanks for all the years of hard work for our pleasure! It was greatly apricated!

  47. I’m very sorry to hear this, but I understand completely.

    Like so many others, I joined the Fun House sometime in the 90s, as it was the first site I came across for celebrity nudity, which frankly was all we initially wanted from the internet. Probably remained a member for a little over a decade, at which time sites like Phun were too ubiquitous to keep paying, but have been a daily visit to Other Crap ever since, not simply to see updates on the nudity front, but because of the intelligent, witty commentary that I had become so accustomed to.

    Nothing lasts forever, so I figured the day would come soon enough that this would no longer be my home away from home on the web, but I thank you for the decades of entertainment, and I wish you all the best in health and happiness in the future.

  48. Uncle Scoopy,

    Just take it easy, and get back to the Fun House if and when you can, Sir!


  49. I am relatively recent to this site, but have been very appreciative of it just the same. I just want to say “Thanks” and, above all “Take care of yourself”.

  50. Internet became a flat rate as opposed to pay by minute in 1996 in my home town. I got a PC as an early Christmas gift at the beginning of December that year. I was 18. My mom added me as an authorized user so I had a credit card with my name on it but the bill went to her. The fun house was the first pay site I ever joined. I used to watch the director’s commentaries on dvds so I’ve even had a few notes published in the funhouse here and there regarding things mentioned about nude scenes.

    Around ‘07 or so I was staying at my parents house and had nothing to do so I made a point of reading every review in the movie house. I watched some movies I wouldn’t have seen otherwise of course but I also read some books and discovered some authors I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I’ve read at least 15 novels from one author alone as a result.

    Anyway you’ve been a part of my life for my entire adult life. And it’s strange because it’s something I’ve never shared with anyone.

  51. Hey man, I’m confident the following is a temporary farewell and not a eulogy. These abrupt changes to a person’s health are just as bad on your psyche as your body, so you have all of my sympathies and I wish you a speedy recovery. Now on to my e̶u̶l̶o̶g̶y̶ tribute.

    I’ve been coming hereabouts since I got my first computer, a shitty Packard Bell that was one of my first major adult purchases. The password I used for the Fun House rebill vendor was robust enough to be reused over and over until I got smart. “12 characters?? Letters AND numbers?!” I was a baby. A horny baby who had a bikini’d starlet from the Fun House as the desktop wallpaper on his CRT monitor.

    I’ve seen a lot cool stuff on your website. I came for the tits, but stayed for the baseball stories and movie reviews. Yet I don’t follow baseball and I don’t watch many movies, certainly not much of the stuff you were reviewing. I found them very enjoyable despite my interest in the subject matter. If I recall correctly, the Scoopy Movie Rating System would classify that as A grade writing, since it converted someone who didn’t normally like the “genre”.

    I think you’re gifted not just at arranging but also picking the right words, as evidenced by “Sayonara”, traditionally used for a goodbye to someone you might not see for awhile. You’ll be back and we’ll be waiting, so my reply is Arrivederci!

  52. First comment in 25 years or so of nearly daily viewing. Simply wanted to say thank you and that I too am hoping for the best for you.

  53. Like others, I’ve been subscribing for more than 25 years, and I wish you only the best. Hopefully this health situation gets resolved and you will have many more years of appreciating the finer things in life. You have brought great joy to many people with your writing. I doff my cap to you, sir.

    1. I haven’t known your site as long as some others here, I’m actually shocked to find out the page is that old. Been visiting here for a couple of years. I hope you’ll have a speedy recovery.

  54. Been a very large part of my day for many many many years.

    Your health is more important than us old pervs.

    Good luck with everything, stay healthy and enjoy retirement mate.



  55. Good luck, thank you for everything, and I hope your health returns. I too have been here for a couple of decades or so. You will be missed and remembered.

  56. Like most of the commenters, this has been a daily ritual since probably 1998 or so. It’s the only website I’ve visited every single day that I’ve had an internet connection. Women have come and gone. Kids have been born. Family members have passed. But I still come here every day.

    Greg, thank you. In your way you’ve brightened the lives of many of us on a almost daily basis. And it wasn’t just the celebrity nudity, or the Pink Japanese Penis Day postings that brought us back. It was your take on the world, on pop-culture, on politics, on sports and just about anything else you found worthy of your attention and your take.

    Thank you.

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  58. Well, looks like a steak and a BJ aren’t on the menu this year. Take care of yourself, remember you’re in training for next March 14th. Post what you can, if/when it’s more fun than burden.

    “The flowers, the gorgeous, mystic multi-coloured flowers are not the flowers of life, but people, yes people are the true flowers of life, and it has been a most precious pleasure to have temporarily strolled in your garden.”
    -Lord Buckley

  59. All good thing come to an end. It’s been a pleasure to visit the site, been doing almost daily those 27 years.

    Get well, I hope everything goes well into the future!

  60. Started following you in the early days of the interwebs (1996 or so) and have been a regular reader ever since. your wit and funny takes on life have been part of my daily routine and will be greatly missed. Really sorry to hear about your kidney challenges and hope that you get the best diagnosis & prognosis possible.

    Your daily musings will be missed by many, but many thanks for about 25 years of laughs!

  61. Wow Scoop. Sorry to hear that. Keep us updated on your health though… I’d really like to know how you’re doing.

  62. Scoop, I’m so sorry to hear this news! I hope you recover fully from your ailments and enjoy a comfortable recuperation process. I, too, have been a loyal reader of this pretty much since the beginning, and I loved dropping weird bits of knowledge of funny stories on friends who wondered where I got it from.

    For all the fun and entertainment (there were jokes included with the t&a) you’ve given us over the years, you deserve a wonderful retirement. But if you are ever able to return to this site, then know that I will be right here.


  63. Dammit, I pay absolutely nothing for this site and demand it continue forthwith!

    Seriously, though, I’m so very sorry things aren’t well. I hope they sort this out. We’ll be here if you get bored.

  64. Jez, knew this day would come, been following you since late 90’s. Wishing you a full recovery, long life and happiness. Thanks for everything.

  65. Get well soon.

    I’ve been a daily reader since, I think, 1998. Thank you for all you have done.

  66. This website has been a daily ritual for me for over 15 years. It is like my own personal sportscenter highlights of female nudity, silly humor, obscure facts and general sports updates. It’s a man’s man of websites and I greatly appreciate the solid and consistent work that you put into this every day Scoop. I hope you get well soon and keep this site going for many more years.

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