If you created a fictional character with Jim Brown’s life, your book would be panned as unrealistic.

Imagine if Michael Jordan could also play soccer like Messi or Pele. What if Mohammad Ali could also hit like a baseball like Babe Ruth? That imaginary super-athlete existed in flesh and blood as Jim Brown, the only man I can name who, in his day, was the best in the world at two different sports (football and lacrosse). Many say he is the GOAT of lacrosse, and he has his supporters for the same status in football.

And he was also an amateur star in several other sports.

And his athletic achievements were just the beginning of his legend.

I felt that if the universe really had a controlling intelligence, this would have happened in Davenport, during the sectionals.

But one commenter pointed out that the universe is not so ignorant, after all, since Ankara was part of the Ottoman Empire.

By the way, wasn’t “Flying Sofa Over Ankara” the sequel to “1001 Nights”? I remember there was a major kerfuffle among the set designers when the flying sofa clashed with the flying carpet.

Apologies. I guess those alleged jokes might have been sharper, but I couldn’t quite decide how to couch the observations.

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