Rachel Miner and Bijou Philipps naked in Bully (2001)

Film clips and collages from Johnny Moronic

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  1. I don’t even know what a “GW lemming” is, nor why shiloh would have his panties in a twist about them.

    But that said have we had any actual postings from Uncle Scoopy? It may well be that an associate is putting up pictures, or perhaps he has already sold the site.

    Which would be fine. Scoopy put in his time and it’s certainly all right if he wishes to retire. Just curious, that’s all.

  2. GW just to let you know this is the 14th post here and doing a quick check your other (19) post on the 1st other crap page have a combined (6). Probably won’t be posting here too much longer so you need the rest of your soldier lemmings to “try” to pick up the slack, eh.

    Maybe it’s just the nature of the beast re: other crap minutia, but don’t want other crap to become a vast wasteland. 😉

    btw, as a rule I’m sarcastic @ 90 of the time and only post here for my own amusement especially when GW gives his political expertise. 😮

    Keep on keeping on GW lemmings as I wouldn’t have any other way ~ seriously! 🙂

    Having spent wayyy too much time at political blogs a few of you need to work on your debating skills er lack there of. Then maybe you can progress to being a devil’s advocate. ok, never mind. Digressing.

    Yielding back the balance of my time …

    1. Still not seeing what’s in it for you. If we’re such lemmings, why bother to stop in and interact? Or did GW kick your dog or something? What, in the parlance of our times, the fuck?

      1. Nothing in it for me as no longer a prolific capper, but several members at the site used to frequent were “rubbed” the wrong way when GW would post their caps at fun house daily when they specifically said in their sig please don’t post my caps elsewhere. It’s a closed site and GW probably has several memberships which admin has been trying to find the past 2/3 yrs w/no success.

        Actually pissed one of said cappers off when I told him GW doesn’t care what anyone thinks as long as fools were paying the monthly fee.

        One of GW’s accts actually was purged, but as I said he probably has other accts and maybe a few helpers who feed him vids. Maybe not.

        Re: lemmings by definition everyone is a lemming who frequents interweb sites 24/7, but it’s to the nth degree here as several seem to think GW is the 2nd coming. Much like diehard trump supporters think he is a demigod. And yes, that is somewhat amusing. Digressing.

        During my political blog posting heydey was always more fun being in the minority and by definition any lib who had an opposing opinion was a “troll” as said conservative wingnut majority always preferred no debate living in their perpetual con bubble.

        The yin/yang of majority con political blogs which applies pretty much everywhere there’s say a 95/5 con majority. Just using this as an example of other crap where the breakdown is probably 99/1 majority of lemmings who totally worship GW.

        Which is fine ie free speech. The other positive aspect of other crap AFAIK GW does not delete any posts iow free speech. Again, he doesn’t give a bleep what I post regardless. But a few of Santa’s helpers have his back, eh.

        And repeating, I was a contributor to fun house (2004). The irony left for another pay site which was a total train wreck. Longgg story. And yes GW had access to that site as well. Indeed, he’s frickin’ everywhere. 😉

        btw, the G does not = Geoff as some fool posted a couple mos ago. Also the enhanced vids GW posted the past 8/9 yrs were created by tjay. GW wouldn’t even give him credit as he would just say the guy who did the enhanced vids. Once a schmuck always a schmuck!

        TMI Have a lovely day!

  3. Indeed GW as all your “other crap” lemmings could just go jmoronic’s site and download all of his vidcaps/vids for free! 😮 no muss, no fuss.

    btw, no way you were internet free for an entire month as (3) pages of other crap posts indicate. Admit it ~ you’re totally addicted to the interwebs and stealing files from other celeb sites. The truth shall set you free!

    Have a lovely day …

    1. It’s a semi-free country. You’re free to keep coming back here only to shit on everything you see. But…why?

      1. Hey, be considerate, Nature Mom. Maybe that’s the one and only pleasure he gets out of life. Maybe it’s the only thing he looks forward to in the whole wide world. Would you take that away from him?

        I mean, sure, I would, but I’m a bad person.

        1. Your just another common, garden variety GW lemming.


          Will give GW his due as he’s an internet celeb site pioneer, but he’s been phoning it in the past 10/15 yrs by stealing vids from other celeb sites. But you are free to keep worshiping him and paying that monthly fee. 😉

          1. There is no monthly fee. Try to keep up. But what the hell is it to you if some people didn’t mind paying for a one stop aggregate site? You just come across as a resentful whiner and not much else. Learn a new tune.

          2. Obviously talking about fun house and not upset that fools pay a monthly fee as that aspect is just somewhat amusing. GW charging for vids stolen from other free sites is what bothers original cappers who do it because they just like to share.

            So you’re the lemming who needs to keep up.

            btw, fun house is still stuck on Tuesday, so expect other crap to be expanding lol.


          3. Replying to your ramblings from below. The fun house is no more, hence no monthly fee. Like a one trick pony, you keep making the same point with each post as if you had discovered an incredible wrong that needed to be righted. Everyone knows Scoop didn’t create the content. No one cares. Your inability to move past that indicates a deeper antagonism that you should face up to.

            And if there are more posts here, then great. And with that, I will no longer feed the troll

          4. “Everyone knows Scoop didn’t create the content. No one cares.”

            Damn you’re an idiot!

        2. Yep, I think it called it right. Have some pity on the poor sad SOB, Nature Mom and Mr. Haney, and be grateful you’re not like him.

          BTW, does UncleScoopy have any lemming merch? I looked lemmings up on Wikipedia, and they would make a good stuffed animal. I am too old to look good in a T-shirt, though.

          1. I get all of my fashion advise from Kevin Smith:

            “Wear black and wear layers.”

            Helps cover up any body deficiencies. I’d wear an Official Scoopy Lemming shirt if its black and comes in XL.

          2. Even with that, I’m sure Smith would agree that a tasteful “Go Lemmings Go!” button is always fashionable.

        1. Calling someone a “Lemming” and thinking that it means “someone who blindly follows another, even off a cliff” is about as zoologically accurate as calling yourself an “Alpha” and thinking that it means you’re the “Dominant leader of the Pack”

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