Season three of The Great – the nudity disappoints

There is some female nudity, but it is only from unnamed extras except for an ever-so-brief nipple exposure from Charity Wakefield in episode 6

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The closest Elle Fanning came was a side-boob in episode 7

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… and a diaphanous nightie that reveals little (episode 10)

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Johnny Moronic has the clips and collages here

3 thoughts on “Season three of The Great – the nudity disappoints

  1. Seems to be the norm, first series to suck you in then eliminate it in future
    series, either that or the actress’s are asking for more dough to flash
    the goods.

    1. It is the first part. Everything that is done in films and shows is controlled by the huge multi-billion dollar media corporations. The women who work there are allowed to be strong and independent as long as they do exactly what they are told.

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